Is this normal?


I am probably massively over worrying. I found out 2 days ago that I am pregnant, 2 actual weeks but 4 weeks according to doctors. I had been experiencing bad period cramps for a few days before I found out which I had just assumed were signs of my period coming but then had two positive tests. But the cramping is still there, there is a bit of a dull ache all day and then every now and then I get sharper cramps. 

Is this normal or should I get checked out? I haven’t seen or spoken to the midwife yet but I have got an appointment set up but not for a couple of weeks. Thanks :) 


  • Absolutely normal :) I still get them now at nearly 18 weeks. I was worried like mad in the beggining at every little pain and twinge, but now understand that it is part and parcel of pregnancy! Happy and healthy 9 months to you xxx 

  • Hi, Ive only recently found out too that im expecting and had the exact same pains. probably alot worse than my usual period pains but it was usually in the night where i would wake up woth sharp pains, especially one night it was really really bad. But as time went on it subsided, all that cramping has gone and i just knew then that it was only my uterus stretching and making space for baby and also the implantation. Ive also got brown discharge for the past week or ten days, im just saying this so if u do get it dont panic like me lol. Its all a process, sveryone goes through pregnancy slightly differently but just be prepared for the changes :) xx

  • Thank you both for your replies and congratulations to you both!! It’s my second pregnancy and the feelings are definitely different to the first time so I appreciate hearing others saying the same thing!! Thank you :)

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