My baby is trying to escape

Yup thats right its making a bid for freedom through the side of my stomach.

I have always had kicks on the low left hand side but now it feels like baby is either pushing a foot out or perhaps headbutting the side of my stomach and not moving until I press on the spot. Is this a normal occurrance? it's a very bizarre feeling although it quite like a game now lol is there anything else it could be? I'm 99.9% sure its baby as I can feel it from the outside.



  • Yes it will be the baby how far gone are you? MIne allways kicked through side of stomach or what USED to be my waist . Its really painfull I had foot stuck under my rib cage few weeks ago for the whole of the day i was struggling to breathe! My boyfriend managed to free it and you could see what we think was a knee sticking out side of me every time Lee pushed it in he stuck it back out. It made me feel quite ill! Most of my movements are around belly button area now as he has moved right down. Again stomach churning as there isnt much room in there now xxx
  • I'm only 20+3 but have been feeling movements for nearly 3 weeks but today is the first time they have been definite kicks and pushes, also I can feel when baby turns over as it is really uncomfortable. I'm a bit scared of feet getting stuck under ribs etc I can imagine it would make you feel ill image I feel like something out of one of the Alien movies lol

  • To be honest i didnt even know it was a foot none of my movements have ever been in the rib area i thought i had a blood clot on my lung becouse i am a real drama queen!!!!! At least you know what it is now if it happens to you!!! Ha Ha you wait till you get till 30+ weeks if you are feeling strong movements like that now god help you!!! It is very reassuring though one of my friends baby only ever kicked her in the bath! Mine hasnt stopped and it gets the hiccups four or five times a day now which again is very annoying now itsso low down. I walk round holding my lady bits i look a right freak!
  • my lo starting pushing back now!! lol n oh thinks it's funny! but I'm the same as a few others... the whole baby gettin foot underneath the ribs HURTS!! feels like i've bin rugby tackled! who'd've thought something so small could cause so much discomfort!!!!! lol

  • Lol I am walking round with my hand down my trousers which probably looks very suspicious at work. I can't see my lady bits anymore which is really depressing my my dh keeps saying things like "gonna have to get the hedge trimmers out soon love" which he finds hysterically but I find annoying lol cos I couldn't do anything about it even if I wanted to image

    I'm quite looking forward to even more kicking I just need to get used to the feeling.

  • Yes i would be carefull babe if you have your hands down your trousers at work!!!!! I havnt seen my lady bits for months! Ihave bikini line waxed but had to buy a bikini trimmer to take off abit of lenght if you know what i mean!!!!!! They are relly good i am a hairdresser and they are a bit like clippers they have a guard on them so they dont cut you. You kind of have to do it in front of a mirror!!!!! My friend rang last night and i was moaning as i am really struggling to shave my legs. She said when she was pregnant she got her husband to do it and her lady bits!!!!!!!! Now im not being funny but there is no way i would let my oh shave my lady garden he cant even shave his face without cutting himself hesallways got bits of tissue stuck to his face!!!!! HA HA do you know what the funniest thing is though my friend called her fanny her fairy!!!!! Oh my god is that what happens when you have kids!!!!!
  • HA HA my dh calls my lady bits a "fi fi" its very sad. He has asked if he could shave me before and I knew if I let him try it he wouldn't be able to cope with all the different parts lol so I gave him the razor and said go ahead, he got so worried he was going to cut me he gave up after 2 minutes claiming that "your fi fi is far to confusing" lmao.
    I'm no hairdressers but I used to clip my horses in the winter so surely it's hardly any different although my "fi fi" has less legs and doesn't make half as much noise!!

  • Hi girls, just wanted to say I have just been reading your posts about lady gardens and know what u mean about having to look in the mirror! Ur comments made me laugh so much, cheers!
  • Same here, you made me laugh, I could so identify with what you're saying!!
    I'll have to take things in hand a bit this weekend, as off to Centerparcs on Monday & don't want spiders legs sticking out of new maternity swimming costume!!!!!!!
  • lol No problem I think I am having a funny 5 minutes today as have had the first cup of coffee I have drunk in 15 weeks so perhaps the caffiene has gone to my head image
    I get confused if I look in the mirror so it's not even worth try it as I'll probably lop a leg off or something.

  • I couldn't even begin to imagine wearing a swimming costume now image I'm all lumpy and hairy its most unattractive.
    Leaving it to grow is very european, just plait it and put some beads in and everyone will think your really cool image
  • Haha like rasta-pubes :P DEEEElightful lol. Im intrigued now tho... i think i'll have a go!

  • oh my god is every one mad this afternoon?
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