my sister has been sacked!!

My sister has been sacked because basically she is pregnant!!!
she told her employers over a week ago that she was pg and they moved her from her job into the office because her job is classed as high risk!

yesterday they gave her a contract to sign in the morning which she read through and signed then in the afternoon she was called into the office and sacked because she wasnt doing her job to their standards bearing in mind she was told that she would receive 6 months training for the job and was given none!

They also said that before she was pregnant they could see no problems with her but now they can because she is pregnant. Also they tried to get her to sign a mutual agreement form but she refused to sign it which i am glad she did!

She is devastated as she now needs to find a new job and not many people will employe pregnant women i have told her to contact ACAS or citizens advise and also look for temporary contracts that will last her up untill she wants to start maternaty leave.

I feel really sorry for her as this happened to me last time i was pregnant but i was lucky enough to get a 24 week contract with a company with was just what i wanted!!


  • I don't really know what to say but didn't want to R&R! Poor sis image I would definatly phone Citizens Advice. It is illegal to sack her due to being pregnant, thats discrimination in the workplace which NO employer is allowed to do. She has rights!! Contact Citizens Advice if I was you. Good Luck!

  • omg this is awful , employer should sack a pregnant women they must be brave i tell ya , she should defo go to citizens advice and see an employment lawyer , my mum got sacked for being pregnant and she sued the company and got ?? 2,500 compensation this doesnt make up for it but she said it was enough to see her employer skwirm !!tell ure sis to write everything down and not to contact them via telephone as they can deny evrerything , tell her good luck i hope her employer gets whats coming to them x x
  • They cannot do this to her - she has the right to claim unfair dismissal. She might not want the hassle, what with being preggers and stuff, but she really should follow this up, as she entitled to compensation etc.

    My husband was dismissed unfairly last year and we started the claim for unfair dismissal through the Industrial Tribunal. It didn't get to the actual tribunal in the end because his ex-boss basically knew he'd been a total prat and didn't want it to get nasty for him and his company, so he gave us a settlement out of court.

    I'm really sorry she is going through this. I know how it affected us last year. It wasn't nice. I never felt so stressed and worried in my life. We had an 18 month old and I'd only just gone back to work - part time. So my wage didn't even cover our mortgage payment each month. My husband ended up losing all his hair through the stress of it. He has a history of Alopecia anyway, but the whole work thing made him lose every single hair on his bod. It hasn't grown back yet, and I don't think it will. Fortunately he got another (better) job very quickly and we were ok. But the effects of the stress were long lasting. I can't imagine what it would have been like if we'd been expecting a baby at the same time.

    Please pass on best wishes to your sister and let us know how she gets on won't you.
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