avoiding sex?!?

I just wondered if any1 else has been avoiding sex in the first 12 weeks? Im now 12+2 but havn't had sex since about 6/7 wks due to spotting was advised not to (also previous mc's) anyhoo poor hubby has been sooooo patient and was planning to surprise him but due to more spotting last weekend and having my anti-d was advised to avoid sex for a while longer. I just wondered has anyone else been avoiding sex or advised this? and when do you think it might be okay to give a go again? xx


  • Thanks hun, Yes my hubbie has been very quick to tell me of other ways to erm please him, lol!!! I may leave it another 2 weeks till im past the first trimester then try. xx
  • i've gone completely off it. SB am glad to hear that it is normal! i think we have done the deed twice since getting BFP but that was when I was about 5 or 6 weeks and i was very worried and couldn't really relax, DH couldn't relax much either as he was trying to be extra gentle.
    i just want lo to be safe!
    so none for us for the time being image

    bring on the second trimester!!


  • I feel to fat and frumpy to have sex now! And I'm only 31 weeks!


  • Sex? What's that?
    completely off it, we've managed it twice since becoming pregnant, first time I had some spotting afterwards so that put me off, now 36+1 hubby is getting a bit frustrated me thinks! If you've been advised not to, probably wait a bit longer, hubby will be patient don't you worry.

    Em x
  • Advice from me would be to make the most out of it! I'm now 32 weeks and haven't had sex for weeks, I'm just too tired & with our 3 year old to cater for aswell sex is the last thing on my mind, the bigger I've got the less interested I've been! Although, with my son I was like a maniac when I was massive but think that was from about 36 weeks, only another 4 weeks to go for us then!! xx
  • i'm totally off it too and i do'nt want to be. Arghhhh. Where has my sex drive gone.... its soo frustrating!!!
  • i'm totally off it too and i do'nt want to be. Arghhhh. Where has my sex drive gone.... its soo frustrating!!!
  • yeah i know too well how we're all feeling, we've also had sex all of twice since finding out we were prg, and both were ages ago, at least they seem to be and just to make things more frustrating i'm getting married on sat and his sexdrive is lower than mine (think its cause he felt lo move)
    so bang goes my wedding night image xx

  • I was advised not to due to bleeding I had in the early weeks but I'm now 13+4 and we had sex for the first time on saturday.

    Hopefully our sex life is now back to normal but I feel a bit weird that hubby is putting his bits where baby is going to come out of lol


  • Hi Funkymonkey

    We are avoiding it - did in the first twelve weeks anyway, then took at risk at 14 weeks but it was followed by two days of spotting that week so we are playing it safe for the rest of the pregnancy I think as it's just not worth the worry it causes when spotting occurs (wasn't told that was the cause but we came to that conclusion ourselves as there was no other reason for it). Saying that I did wonder whether I had some spotting again this morning (not a great start to the day) so just monitoring things to see how they go. Baby started kicking me big time yesterday and felt it again this morning so perhaps I just have sensitive insides! x

  • Hi I had completley lost my sex drive until a couple of weeks ago but have no been advised not too after going into premature labour over the weekend! Poor hubby, all those weeks of me saying no and now even though I want to we cant!
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