police outside (not preg related!)

iv just seen a pissed up hoodie throw a pint thru my over the road neighbours front window!! they callled the police and they came and put the lad in a police van (he was saying he didnt do it) i saw him throw it.

what would you have done? i didnt do anything, you never know if others are gonna come round to your house do you???

was i right? :\?



  • I wouldn't have said anything cos like you say...you never know who these people are and what they could do x
  • I wouldn't have said anything cos like you say...you never know who these people are and what they could do x
  • I wouldn't have said anything at the time but I would definately ring the police and tell them what you saw. Without any witnesses the police can't do anything and it could be your window next time. If you make a statement they can make sure it is dealt with.
  • it really annoys me that these people think they can do this. how dare they. there could have been a child in that room and they throw a full pint glass thru the window. id cut his bloody arms off.

  • I'd keep quite, the other day in town I saw this guy (not a kid) lifting from a smiths but he saw me see him, if that makes sense, being in a bright red top and 6months pg I thought I stuck out a bit so didn't say anything as he would have know it was me and last thing on wanted on a busy saturday, alone in town was for some thug to come and find me!
  • Hi
    I am a police officer myself and we often find that people are to scared to make statements etc due to potential repocussions. The thing is without any evidence (ie witnesses etc) as such he will more than likely walk away scott free due to lack of evidence.
    If you saw something i would contact police and let them know what you saw. I appreciate people are worried about getting involved but steps can be taken to protect witnesses!
    If people dont make a stand against these thugs then they think there untouchable.
    It easy for me to say i suppose but it is frustrating when we know someone has done something but then cant prove it!
  • Last time I was pregnant someone smashed my spare bedroom window, it made one hell of a noise and it was late at night. There were no witnesses and my husband was working away. The cramp/pain in my stomach was unbearable after the shock. I ended up in hospital having my blood pressure checked and on a baby heart monitor to check that my lo was ok. He didn't move for a good few days because of the shock. I also had to pay the excess on my insurance and getting time off work to wait in for the repairer, so I lost out financially in two ways. I wish the police could've done more but with no witnesses what could they do? I spent the next few weeks pacing the house at night whenever my husband was working away.
    I'd contact the police if it was me.
  • I'd tell the police too - I wouldn't confront them on the street, but I'd certainly give all the help I could to the police.

    Mummylisa, that's a horrible situation - I'd have done the same I think. What's to be done with these people though?! I think it's only fair to be fearful of repercussions - we know it happens and we have to put ourselves and babies first, but what happens in the longer-term??

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