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Hi everyone

I'm a bit upset as I've just found out that someone I am having to work with very closely at work has been told that there are cases of slapped cheek syndrome at their daughter's nursery. Their daughter doesn't appear to have it at the moment but looking at the NHS site there is an incubation period of 10-15 days in which no symptoms are present. The child and parent could have it but not know. I'm 17 weeks tomorrow and understand the risk decreases at 20 weeks - is this just because of the scan date at 20 weeks where they can spot any problems? I'm very worried for my baby. We had some more worrying news last week and it seems that my falling pregnant is a bit of a miricle basically as our chances were low. I don't want to loose my baby. It seems a bit extreme for me to be asked to be signed off work as I don't theoretically have direct contact with the risk. Do you think I could ask my boss to rearrange the work slightly differently so I don't have to sit next to this person for 2-3 hours each day? I'm not sure what to do - help :cry:


  • hi, sorry to gate crash, slapped cheek can as i understand have an incubation period of up to 3 weeks, 3 of my children have had it and i caught it from them, it is alot worse in adults although according to my doctor 80% of adults are immune, there is a blood test available and if you are worried you should speak to your mw. it is rife at the moment in my childrens school and there are alot of pregnant mums who have had the blood test and found out they are immune. Personally i wouldnt take any chances and i would speak to your boss, they have a legal obligation to do a risk assessment and if there is any risk (which there could be) however small they have to find you a safer place. xx
  • Hi

    Thanks for the replies - I probably am over-reacting as have not knowingly being directly exposed but I am concerned as obviously trying to take care of myself/baby as much as possible. What concerns me is that whilst contageous there are no symptoms and so the person I work with could think they are OK but be passing on the virus to me without knowing. I'm going to have the blood tests done and speak to my boss about the situation as I will be worrying about this now for the next three weeks until I'm in the safe zone and know that I haven't caught anything.

    Bertie - slapped cheek syndrome is a virus which should be avoided in early pregnancy up to 20 weeks (alongisde chicken pox and rubella) - I've put a link below to the NHS website:

    Someone posted on here a few months ago to warn people about this virus as they had contracted it and the baby was being monitored very closely (scans every two weeks) to make sure it was OK.

    x x x
  • Hi secretmama.
    I too have had contact. My first blood test came back that I wasn't immune and so the second test had to be 25 days from contact with the virus (25 days was yesterday) so I had the second blood test and am now waiting for the results and very worried obviously.
    Yes definitely tell your employer the problem and then speak to your midwife who may advise a blood test.
    However, your chances of catching it from the parent are very low as you hsve not actually had contact with the child and don't even know if they have it yet.
    Good luck but better to be safe. xx
  • Good luck MrsE with your results - I hope it shows you do not have the virus x
  • hi i have also has this problem. found out when i was 15wks preg a child in my class had it, got signed off work and blood tests. first one came back that i didnt have it then had a repeat test 4wks after the first. it came back that i had caught it.

    I have had to have more scans one a fortnight ago and one today, all looking fine so far, but they will keep checking on me until i give birth.

    Def have blood tests done and say to your gp and mw, you dont want to put yourself at risk.

    hope all goes well.

    becs 27+6wk

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  • What does it actually mean then Becs? If you don;t mind me asking. What are they looking for in the scans?

    30 weeks today. x
  • hi Rachel, they are looking for something called Hydops, to do with too much fluid in the fetus. i just googled it as didnt know too much about it. Although i then worry about it more.

  • Hi Secretmama,
    I have no advice really, but wanted to say the bloods sound like a good idea! You should speak to your boss and let them know your concerns! (easier said than done I'm sure!).
    Let us know how it goes-and take care xxx

  • I've been for the blood test this morning and spoken to my boss, however, she sounded very sceptical and the person above her is likely to be even less sympathetic. I wonder what I do if that *make* me work with this person? I think perhaps the only thing I can do is go back to the doctors in that instance and seek further advice and speak to personnel. I personally think it is a bit off that my managers who are not medically trained would be making a judgement on a medical risk in pregnancy. In the first instance I've only asked to avoid the colleague on Monday/Tuesday mornings whilst I get the initial blood results back to see if I'm immune. Fingers crossed, *please let me be immune*, it would save a whole load of stress and I would know that the baby was safe. x
  • Hi all

    Someone i work with although not closely has just announced that her child has come down with slapped cheek today, i have looked at the link posted above but only mentions risks upto 20 weeks i am currently 34 weeks does anyone know what i should do or if i should be concerned???


  • Hi Cazz

    I *think* you are OK at 34 weeks but it might be best just to check with mw or GP x
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