Help evap lines or faint positives

so its jan 23rd 2019 my last period was early December 2018 I’ve been trying too conceive even taking tablets too make me ovukate. I’m late and I don’t remember my last period... I’ve done a bunch of test all neg.. today I noticed a test I did earlier this morning which was negative but when I looked again it had a faint positive and so did another test I found from the day before both different brands. Automatically ive run with the idea I’m pregnant but since have heard about evap lines so now I’m not too sure ? Can evap lines be pink? Is it odd that two different brand test both have VERYYYU faint pink lines, but neither came up in the 3 minute time frame. Could I be pregnant ??? One I can’t catch with my camera the second line and one test I can which I’ll attatch too this post. I’m going too test again but tbh I’m scared too test again in case it’s negative I want too have another baby so badly. Help if anybody has had this happen ??? I’m going crazy! image


  • I can't really tell, have you taken another one since then?? xx

  • the results will appear in the time frame it's supposed to, evap lines have no colour and typically show up after it has dried out, but I've read that some tests can be faulty and have an evap line straight away. I'd take another one if you haven't already but if you have I'd love to know the results and how you're doing! 😊 x

  • The exact same thing happened to me yesterday morning at 11dpo.   Later when u went back to see it, there was a very very faint pink evap line.....this is my 2nd iui cycle, and scared to test before I go in for my beta test in 2 days.....hope you get your BFP!!!  This is alllll such a roller coaster!!!!

  • I meant “later when I” :)

  • oooh id test again soon!! Evap lines dont have colour :) good luck!!! X

  • hey everyone Thankyou for your comments :)

    im still soo confused as still no period I did a blood test which came back as negative 👎💔 heartbroken I’ve been trying for a baby & been taking some tablets from my sister she brought online that make you over ovulate which for her she was pregnant within the first month so she’s had too try them too. It’s been 4 days since I first posted this  and still don’t have my period I’m nowsoooo confused I haven’t had my period in way over a month and this is abnormal for me too not have my period. I’m hoping I ovulated late and I’m still pregnant  and the hormone levels weren’t high enough too pick up by bloods. Doubt it tho after negative bloods but today I noticed my nipples have doubled in size and are soo painful I hope it’s not a fantam pregnancy!!

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