Anyone had a planned c section who i can speak to?!

im due to have a c section in a weeks time due to my little girl being breech and they had no luck at turning her, so i was just wondering if anyone on here that i could ask a few questions about it and feel a bit more comfortable about it? 


sophie xx


  • yes hun i can do as i did as my son was breech x

  • Hello,

    Yes I had a planned section and happy to answer any questions xxx

  • Hiya ladies

    im really scared about the procedure feel like im just going to cry soon as i get into hospital 🙈. im scared of the risks too! And worried im not going be about to move much and care for my little girl i have family and my partner around me but im really independant and want to be able to look after my baby. 

    How long did it take you girls to recover and feel ur legs again before u was up and walking? 

    Also did you still bleed loads after? as know u do with normal labour. Got loads of maternity pads and now not sure if i need them or not.

    and how long was u guys in hospital for? 

    Thank you for the help, really appreciate it! ❤️ Xxx

  • Hello,

    My planned section was great. The delivery was very straightforward. I got the spinal in and bottom half went numb very quickly. Screen went up, husband was let in and baby born within 5-8 minutes! I was worried about blood loss etc but they have plenty of people in the room keeping an eye on you and I felt in great hands. Everyone was very relaxed and that helped put me at ease! 

    The numbness wore off after a few hours and I was up walking (very slowl!) about after around 5 hours. You will have a catheter in so it makes things more tricky!!

    I can’t say enough hle pain free and straight  forward my section was...the recovery was a different story! Like you, I am very independent though have lots of help around. I expected to be back to normal fairly soon (around 3-4 weeks) but if I’m being really honest, I’m now 7 weeks post section and it’s only this week I’ve started to be out and about pain free. You need to rest and let everyone do everything for you. It’s so hard but if you do too much too soon you will put yourself back!! Take all the painkillers at the beginning and look after yourself. Someone told me to ‘baby my body’ and after I realised I really had to take it easy, I started to feel better. Almost everyone else I know who have had sections, seemed to re much quicker than me. Try not to compare your recovery to anyone else. Our bodies are all diff and no matter how much you will it, it can just take time to heal.

    My bleeding was very light and lasted around 3-4 weeks. I Only used maternity pads in the hospital then used sanitary towels when home. If you have any more question, let me know. I loved my section and would do it again, but be prepared for it to take a few weeks to recover. You might be lucky, but best to prepare! Enjoy meeting your little one xx

  • Honestly don't worry!!! The spinal block u won't even feel it's painless! The c section isbober fairly quickly the stitching up takes longer than the procedure itself. The recovery is individual and it's sore but bearable and after a week u will feel tons better xxx

  • Ah thank you so much girls youve made me feel so much better about it! Its so scary the unknown and knowing what your gonna feel like but i just got keep focused and think i get my little girl in my arms that day! 

    Thank you ladies i really appreciate it! If i have anymore questions im coming to you two hahaha! 

    Sophie xxx

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