Could I be pregnant?

I started my period 1/9/19 and it ended 1/13/19. I had unprotected sex on 1/14/19, 1/18/19 and 1/19/19. It is now 1/24/19, the 16th day of cycle.  Could I be pregnant? What are the chances I am? I'm trying not to get my hopes up.


  • Yes you could get pregnant depends when was your ovulation. While it's possible to get pregnant right away after first try (happened with my first pregnancy) usually it takes few months even if you have regular sex and do it just before your ovulation. Do a test in about 2 weeks and you will know for sure. Good luck xx

  • Hello! Just thought ill ask here first, 3 days ago I done pregnancy tests - yea, more than one, we did 3 and all came back positive, all goes great ,  we are both happy till today when looks like my period has started as it should be by my calendar - spot on, I'm just terrified now what is happening, is this normal? 

    We had unprotected sex on 4th this months 2 days before ovulation so it was early pregnancy and I had all symptoms and because of that we are just left confused and scared because this baby is wanted very much! 

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