9 positives 1 negative digital and 1 positive digital

Ok ladies i have hypothyroidism so its been a long 4-5 years of trying goin through3 miscarriages. But my last period was really weird didnt seem like a period, its hard to explain and week later i had started lightly spotting light pink so after the 2nd day of spotting i decided to test got 2 positives the next day got 3 more positives (faint) but then bough myself 2 digital tests and 1 was positive and just this morning i took the other digital one and it said NOT PREGNANT the took a line test and got a postive. I am afraid to go to the doctor cuz then it seems like its always "well hypothyroidism does that" and my meds and thyroid are under control and normal. I geuss i just need some positive feedback and prayers thanks ladies.


  • Were they all same kind of tests  (apart from the digitals) have you got any pics of the line tests.  Wishing you  all the best 

  • Hi I also have hyperthyroidism. What strength of meds are you on? I've just found out I'm pregnant after losing the last one and I'm petrified of it happening again.

  • Hello, I am trying to get pregnant. I am also havin hashimati’s diseases am I had one miscarriage around 2 years ago. Finally I thought that I am pregnant looking at the results below. However when I check with the medical with another urine test they said it’s negative. The tests are done  as for the midstream one 6 days before my expected period. The digital is done 5 days before my period and dip and read one is done 4 days before my period. Medical also tested me 4 days before my period with the tests that you drop the urine into the hole and they told me that I am not. Ian very confused and feel like am very upset


  • Hi there,

    Just wanted to mention that if your thyroid is under control, it really has no bearing over what a pregnancy test result will be. I also have hypothyroid and have never gotten a false positive because of this. A doctor has also never asked me anything about my thyroid when I told them I took a test and it was positive. Not sure why your doctor is telling you that.

    I see many lines there, suggesting you're pregnant. I say wait a few days and then retest, the line should be getting darker (on the same brand). Good luck!
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