Hi, I went for an early scan beacuse from my last period I should have been around 6/7 weeks pregnant. The girl at the private scan said I was either earlier on and concieved later or I had stopped growing. She said what she seen on the screen was about 3-4 weeks (only the small sack)


  • Hi Debs, do you know what was the size of sack? My sac was still empty at 4+5 weeks (confirmed date with later scan). It's also possible that you ovulated later or implanted later. To know for sure you will need another scan in few days. Good luck xx

  • Hi Mag1988 Thanks for replying. I dont know the size but I could attached the image she gave me 2 show you. The private scan place has booked me back in for the 1st of march 2 rescan. i just thought cause my last period was 01/01/19 I was about 7 weeks. After the scan I went and bought a clear blue weeks test which said `pregnant 3+`.xx

  • Digital 3+ means over 5 weeks pregnant from last period which is good. I wouldn't worry yet unless you're bleeding. If you are bleeding or have any other worrying symptoms contact your EPU and they can perform early pregnancy scans from 7 weeks. 

    I understand that it was transvaginal scan? At this point sac is probably measuring around  3-7mm. Skills of the sonographer and accuracy of particular ultrasound machine are also important when looking at something that small. 

  • Hi Debs90,

    I didn't even have a sac showing until I was 6 weeks, so I'm sure you're fine. When I went at 5 weeks there wasn't anything in my uterus yet (at least anything they could see). I went back at 6 weeks and they saw the sac, no heartbeat yet and then at 8 weeks they found a heartbeat and there was a little peanut in there.

    I'm sure everything is fine, everyone ovulates at different times (some early, some right at day 14 and some late).

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