Bleeding at 5 weeks??

Hi I'm new here, but I'm at my wits end so any advise or stories welcome.. I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks 3 days, took 5 tests including the digital ones , all positive.  I started a brown discharge yesterday, though now today (5 weeks) it has turned a red/brown colour and is a bit heavier not enough to fill a pad but enough to come out when I'm peeing or wiping.  I went to the doctors today, she gave me an exam and she said my cervix was closed and high up, but some blood around it. I have an early scan next Monday when I'm 6 weeks. I have had two successful pregnancies before and never had a miscarriage before.  I just don't know, has anyone experience this?? I also took another test this morning whilst I was bleeding at bit and still a big positive but i think it does take a while for hormones to leave your body.  Thank you for your time reading my post :) 


  • I’m going through something very similar myself at the moment. Though this is my first ever pregnancy, after trying for six years! I’m so scared, but my doctor said to try and relax as bleeding during pregnancy is actually quite common. Best of luck, hope all goes well for you xx

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