Bleeding during pregnancy...

Afternoon all, 

So after six years of trying to concieve, it’s finally happened! It was confirmed through pregnancy tests and a blood test. Though I am bleeding slightly. I’m booked in for a scan in two days to see what’s going on, but can’t help over thinking everything now, and thinking the worst! Have any of you experienced bleeding in early pregnancy and gone on to have a successful pregnancy?

Any advice would be greatly appreciate. Thanks x


  • A lot depends how heavy the bleeding is. Spotting is quite normal but heavy light red bleeding might suggest early miscarriage. Fingers crossed everything is fine & the scan will confirm that. Good luck xx

  • Hi Tashley14,

    I had a variety of bleeding at the beginning of this pregnancy (currently 21 weeks). It started as spotting at 5ish weeks, then at 7 weeks I had a full on heavy bleed. I rushed to EPAC and they told me that I had a hematoma in my uterus. Basically I would continue to bleed on and off until it drained or got reabsorbed. I ended up bleeding on and off until about 10/11 weeks and then finally it was gone.

    Hopefully they can let you know what's going on, but if it's just light bleeding it could just be an irritated cervix, since it is super sensitive while you're pregnant. Any type of pelvic activity (ex. sex) can cause bleeding as well. Try not to stress (easier said than done, I know), I'm sure it'll all be fine :)

  • Went to the hospital this mornin. I had an internal scan where the nurse could not see an embryo. She said she thinks I’ve had/having a miscarriage. Had to have bloods done and called back at 3pm for my results. HCG level has gone up since confirmed pregnancy blood was taken, so they are now suspecting an ectopic! The nurse said if the lining of my womb wasn’t so thin she’d hope it could be a succesful pregnancy! Don’t know what to think now! Got to go back on Monday for more bloods etc. I’m broken 😔💔

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