Are these negative?

imagei took these a couple days ago. The top looks positive but the bottom one doesnt. It’s very confusing! Should I test again in a few days?


  • Hi Skyla, tests with blue dyes sometimes give lines like that unfortunately. Make sure you don't look at it after 10 minutes, they should be discarded. Get a FRER test or any other test with pink dye and retest. Good luck xx

  • Hi, I can see a line on the first one! so FX for you! Hope you don’t mind me joining. I took a pregnancy test last night only to get what appears to be an Evap Line, so I took a further 2 and for the same line! So just out of curiosity i used water only on a test to see in a line would appear! It didn’t, so I’m confused do they look like evap lines or possibly a faint Positive? I’m about 12dpo, these were freedom midstream tests! Any experience with them? 

    Thanks imagethe bottom ones took with water. 

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