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Hi There,
myself and my wife are pregnant through IVF , this is our 3/4th attempt. She has her i think its 7 week scan on the 4th of april, is there anything i can do during her pregnancy that would make life easier and less stressful for her. Sorry if i shouldn't be on here but i thought this might be the best place to ask, thank you.


  • Graeme,

    That's lovely that you are asking, to be honest there isn't loads you can do but be by her side listening to her when shes having a rubbish day. Women are very resilient and go through alot in pregnancy but the tiredness sickness etc in the beginning is really draining. Simple things like run a bath or make a cup of tea etc are caring gestures when she feels low and will mean the world. The second trimester is the best physically then the aches and pains return by the third, all that said we r expecting baby no4 so it never totally put us off 😂. Be prepared for some hormonal moments again worse in the 1st and 3rd trimesters and try to understand her concerns. The fact you are even asking how you can help I dont think u will go far wrong. Wish you both all the best on your journey.
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