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4 weeks pregnant no real symptoms

Hi i was wondering is it normal to not really have any symptoms besides huge boobs this early on? I got my hcg blood test yesterday it was 63 but i am very early on, period only due now. But i am having another hcg test thursday to make sure its doubling, I am a little worried of course but trying not to be. But is anyone else early on or was early on with little -no symptoms, would love to feel like its normal and nothings wrong until i can get the results to my second hcg test 


  • Hi @Lauri27! I'm pretty much in the same boat. I got my BFP yesterday, which puts me around 4 weeks and I have no symptoms at all. My boobs were sore about a week ago, and now even that has gone. It makes me feel like it still isn't real yet, but I have a gyno appointment Friday and hopefully I'll be reassured then! 
  • Ah good to know I’m not alone. Mine were crazy sore yesterday but today not so much. And I get the occasional stomach pains which is probably normal and I’m just being paranoid so I just can’t wait till my blood test Thursday to make sure my hcg levels are doubling. I’m worried they aren’t but I think we should just try not to worry and relax. All is probably normal and okay and we just stress ourselves out for nothing. Gonna try relax until my blood test results come in 
  • pregnancy symptoms other then sore boobs can start from 6 weeks enjoy the 1st week or so without all the symptoms coz when they start u do wish u dint have any but at the same time its relief to feel symptoms and more pregnant congrats ladys xx
  • Thank you! Rachel158 I’ll enjoy for now and try to relax and not stress at least until I get my results Thursday for my hcg. But I am gonna be positive and presume that they are doubling nicely because worrying won’t help 
  • yeh it all puts ur mind at ease i think ur worry intill ur resured all is ok i worried sick everyday tiĺl i new all was ok sending u hugs and just think everyday another day forward another day u got thro and b4 u know it it will be 12 week scan day 😁xx
  • Haha can’t wait! Thank you at least I know I’m not the only crazy worried person! I’ll update of blood test results Thursday! 
  • Haha yeh brillant deffo keep us posted here anytime u need a chat xx
  • so i got my hcg results today 351 compared to 63 on monday so i think thats good seems to be progressing normally i think. still have like 0 symptoms i feel so not pregnant. just waiting to hear from doctor about hcg levels but i think its good 
  • thats good its rising u wont feel symptoms yet hun hcg need to rise a whole lot yet dont wish the symptoms to much lol ur dread when ur nxt feel sick lol xx
  • haha ok, ye the rise was pretty good to i think so im happy hopefully my doc will be to :) but reassured me that everything is okay so just a nice reassurance now ill just have to relax and trust its all okay unless i see blood till my first scan 
  • i was going toilet all time checking is scary waiting just keep going nothing else u can do but wait ugh lol it seems so far away dont it but ur get there week by week xx
  • thank you! also keep feeling wet in my underwear like so wet i think i have to be bleeding and then i go to bathroom and no blood did that happen to you?
  • yeh it did happen to me aswell lol xx
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