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Serum Beta hcg

Hi ladies,

Ttc for 5+ years and have gone through my second iui on 27 feb and lmp is 14 feb. Got faint positives on upt so proceded with serum beta hcg.

Cd 38 1st beta hcg 389.90
Cd 40 2nd beta hcg 686.90 (76% increase)
Cd 42 3rd Beta hcg 1131.00 (65% increase) 
 Is this normal? Ur response is really appreciated.


  • tbh i think aslong as hcg rising u shouldent worry hunnie hugs xx
  • Thanks a lot dear
  • Thats ok hope u feel less worried soon and good luck on ur little journey xx
  • Seriously i was much worried of it because of the fluctuation on the levels, my dr advised a viability scan on 04th april (6.5 weeks) and also i dont have any symptoms of pregnancy except crampings and that made me to confuse even more. But after seeing ur reply im feeling little lite. Really thanks for ur precious time hunnie, hugs to you.
  • symptoms can take a while hun and u might get them after 6 weeks it varys with woman ive had symptons start from 7 weeks some lucky woman get none 4th only next week hunny and if u 6 weeks it will still be a tiny small sac looks like a ickle circle i had scan at 5 weeks 6 days and thats all i seen heartbeat starts at 6 weeks xx
  • Oh Im so grateful to u dear, U r my stress buster now. Im feeling hopeful now. Im praying that it should not be an ecoptic one and on the viability scan everything seem to be good. In this long journey of TTC, I have never seen a positive UPT or Beta HCG a while and this is the first time my hopes are raised and also scared that everything should be fine.
  • im here for any questions u have hun ive had 10 babys on baby 11 so been thro all sorts thought i was having etopic i had pains in side and all so i know that its worrying here if u need me anytime for anything any questions chat or whatever ok folic acid  tablets is a must to take pregnancy i think it helps develop the baby xx
  • Oh u are so kind sweetheart, I am taking folic acid and susten 200 mg vaginally. 
  • I do have some cramps on the left side of the vagina and some pulling pressure that worries me and also my HCG hasnt doubles in the 48 hours thats y im suspecting it to be an ecoptic. 
  • what is susten never heard of it or to take either of them vaginaly pulling pains are normal i also still get shooting pains up there its caused by muscles they can stretch and contract i also get it up other end its called lightning pain and it can be round ligament pain xx
  • Susten is a synthetic progestrone that supports the pregnancy and it also reduces the chances of pregnancy. 
  • just looked it up try relax next fee days just jeep thinjing another dsy u have got thro and when u get early scan even better xx
  • Hi Soonmumtobe, so glad to see your IUI was successful, I have had my first in March and now waiting for the day to test, can I ask when did you get your BFP on what DPO? Also was anything different between the first and the second one?
  • Hi hun, i wish you success on this cycle. I got a faintest positive on 11dpo, but when tested on 16dpo evening at dr office it is negative, so thought it was unsuccessful and waited for my af. Suspected, when it was 7days late and went for blood work and got my first bfp.

    When it comes to symptoms had lot of pregnancy symtoms like bloating, vomitting, cramps, sore breast during my first iui However i dont have any symptoms this time except a period like cramps in lower abdomen and some shooting pain vagina.

    Wish you a Lots of baby dust to you.. 
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