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Boyfriend left me because I kept pregnancy

Hi everyone! I'm new here but just wanted to have a rant I'm currently 20+ weeks pregnant my then boyfriend  (baby dad)  has decided to leave me because I kept the pregnancy he said it wasn't what he wanted and says I've trapped him I was on protection but fell pregnant I told him just B4 Xmas last year (2018) I did say I wouldn't keep as I wasn't ready for a baby so soon us losing our twins ( @ 8 weeks) last year may 2018) he agreed but as time went on I couldn't bring myself to having an abortion as weeks went on he kept asking me to have one anyway when I decided I was keeping after a week or two of pretending?? 2 accept the situation and even bringing his kids down to stay at mine for the weekend he decided he wasn't happy about it and couldn't accept it so decided he didn't nt wanna be with me anymore we've slept together a few times since this but he still doesn't wanna be with me now he doesn't come round at all or contacts me his now saying he wants to Come to scans and birth but doesn't wanna be with me because I done him wrong it's all so confusing x 


  • Hi sweetie sorry for what ur going through thats so not fair i was pregnant and went it alone as my ex was violent to me it was hard to leave with no money no house no food no support but i did it for my baby but i just did it some how cut off all strings he doesent want to no even says babys not his but im happy without all the stress and now happy in a new realationship you can do it without him to and if u have freinds and family even better just do whats best for you and ur unborn baby of u stay in same situation let him confuse you more things cod get worse and ur child will be growong up in a environment feeling how you feel if ur alone you can bring ur child up in a stable happy home hope this helps if you need to talk im here to help you xx
  • Hey I've two other children that I've brought up alone so I know I can do it. It's just so confusing when you've been with somebody who claimed to have loved you but obviously didn't 
  • yeh ex also said that we will never understand y they say things and dont mean there totally not worth the thought xx
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