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Is this a normal pregnancy symptom ?

Did anyone have cramping as a pregnancy symptom ? It’s not a symptom I hear much about but I’m just wondering has anyone experienced it I’m 5 weeks but have been experiencing it from the start of pregnancy some days no cramping other days on and off and some days a good bit . Is this normal ? Please answer if u know i worry 🙈🙈🙈


  • Hi. Yes when I was first pregnant I had lots of cramping (almost like a period was coming but it never did). I think the only time to worry about cramping is if it’s severe, as in you can’t walk or move cus of the pain, or if it’s accompanied with bleeding. I went to a&e early in the pregnancy as I had both bleeding and cramps but baby was completely fine, so always best to get checked out. They did a blood test, and then called me the next day with results (BHCG levels) and then the day after I had an early scan where we saw the little bean and a nice healthy heartbeat. That was at 6w pregnant. 
  • yes it can be normal I had it and was my uterus stretching apparently, I had it for maybe 7 weeks or so x
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