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Kinda scared!

So I’m roughly 5 weeks pregnant I’ve had super sore boobs constantly until today I feel all my symptoms have gone away and it’s worrying me! I’ve had 2 miscarriages in the past so I’m praying this pregnancy will work out! I’m probably just being super paranoid 😂 has anyone else experienced this?


  • Symtoms can come and go just try take each day as it comes know how u geel bout being scared of mc i was like it after mine kept checking to see if i wernt bleeding i dint get symptoms till 6 weeks and even thrn some dsys i felt ok xx
  • Thanks so much for your reply you’ve put my mind at ease abit I think I just need to relax 😂 x
  • Yeh take it easy as its a bumpy ride ahead lots of ups and downs with all the lovely aches pains sickness heartburn piles lol xx
  • How are you now Robyn?x
  • Well I was fine after putting this message up my mind was eased a lot untill yesterday I started getting sharp stabbing pains in my lower back on the left side I called 111 last night and they sent me to an out of hours doctor who has now referred me to my local epu for an early scan I’m just waiting for them to get in touch the pain isn’t so bad today and had no bleeding but again feels like I’ve lost all the pregnancy symptoms I had before x still trying to stay positive as 😊 x

  • I had stabbing pains aswell hun left side was sent for early scan is worring but u can get allsorts of problems and vmbabys still ok hopefully u get ur scan soon hun xx
  • Oh bless you, yes try to stay positive and rest as much as you can. I had this on Monday, annoyingly with it being bank holiday I couldn’t see my dr but phoned 111 too. I didn’t get to have a scan but fingers crossed you will have one and it will reassure you. X
  • My epu isn’t open till tomorrow so just got to wait it out till then I’ve been told if the pain gets any worse or I start to bleed go straight to a&e hope you both are ok too and thanks for the reply’s it strangely helps knowing that other people have been through the same and seem to be ok stops me worrying so bad x
  • I know I know what you mean, it’s comforting knowing that other people have been through the same. 
    I have my fingers crossed for you! It’s the most awful time. Things didn’t work out for me, but I have read on here that lots of people have been absolutely fine. 
    Stay strong x
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