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Bleeding at 5 weeks

I am 5 weeks and have had some bleeding this morning :( I’m so sad because I have had chemicals before but this time it felt like it was going to last. 

Has anyone had this and it not been the end?


  • I bleed at 6 weeks was quite abit thought that was it had scan it was a implantation bleed they could see bleed and said id loose more next few days i did and all was ok xx
  • Thanks for replying, oh that’s such good news.

    I don’t think I will be as lucky, went to the walk in centre and it wasn’t very hopeful :( xx
  • I was like that tho honestly thought id see nothing lost it but not little dot couldent believe it thought noway thought i jydt new that was it go doctors get early scan booked when ur 6 weeks they wont do it any earlier heartbeat starts to flicker at 6 weeks too x
  • Well the guy I saw today said I could go for a scan tomorrow but he doesn’t think there will be anything that will last. I’ve bled so much today :( xx
  • Oh @SmithL35 I think when it happened to me, they said active bleeding is soaking a pad in 24 hours. Is it that much? I would insist on an early scan as I bled, quite a lot at 6 weeks and 2 days later I’d had the scan and all was ok. All the best.
  • Thank you. 
    I have had lots of bleeding although not the tissue I lost when I had the chemical. I guess all I can do is ask for a scan tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed. I’d be surprised if there was anything still there x
  • Fingers cross hun hope all ok xx
  • Thank you xx
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