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How to keep sane? Pregnancy after miscarriage


I haven't used this site before, but I'm going nuts.

I have two children and I had an MMC in January this year. I lost the baby at 11+3 and found out in a scan at 11+ 4. 

I am now 12 weeks pregnant again. I had an early scan at 7 weeks and a harmony scan at 10.5 weeks. All scans and test results were good. My 12 week scan is next week, I'll be 12+4. 

As soon as I hit the 11+3 days mark my anxiety has hit the ceiling and I am petrified of something happening to baby, or that something has happened to baby. I have no signs of anything wrong, but the last pregnancy everything was going fine too!

I still have 4 days to go til the damn scan, how do I keep sane!? Help!!

I know the stats say after seeing hb at 10wks chances of mc are low but I lost my last baby in the 11th week so that stat is not helping me!

Any positive stories or advice would be much appreciated x


  • I had 2 chemical pregnancies and 2 early miscarriages before my successful pregnancy.  I think the anxiety doesnt go away it does ease when you get further into your pregnancy.  Just take each day as it comes, 
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