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13 weeks pregnant and constipation stopped, should i be worried?

edited May 31, 2019 9:03AM in Pregnancy
hi guys im currently 13 weeks and 2 days pregnant with my first. At the beginning of my pregnancy I was super constipated, so I changed my diet started to add more high fibre cereal etc. this last week or two iv noticed although I’m still taking iron etc and diet has changed further that I’m going more regularly and easier. Should I be worried that the constipation is stopping? As nice as that is could it signify a loss or anything ? Sorry I’m a worrier 


  • If your worried speak to your doctor as they say to check any changes in your toilet habits, but I’d like to think the changes you have made to your diet has helped. 
    I never suffered with constipation but my best friend did and it wasn’t there constantly. It would come and go. 
  • I had my 12 week scan one week ago and everything looked great doc said everything looked perfect. we heard the heartbeat. Rate was 144. I just can’t remember if the constipation was better then to or still same
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