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6 days late for period, faint positive? Help?

I am currently 6 days late for my period. I am NEVER late! I took a test when I was 4 days late and got an incredibly faint second line (Lloyd’s Pharmacy own brand) Today at lunch time I took a clear blue test and it was a BFN. Not feeling too bad other than a really frustrating lower back ache which I have never felt before! More than anything it’s the not knowing, if i’m pregnant why am I not getting a clear BFP? Feel very frustrated, anyone else having similar issues?


  • I see faint line could of overlated a little later or implanted just by few days can make a diffrence clear blur are not grate tests anyway id wait a day or 2 even tommro morning test again in morning urine dip it for 30 secs then lay straite on table my test was thst light at first then i did digital clear blue just to clarify and see those words pregnant and weeks indicater xx
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