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Private early scans

Hi lovelys wondering if any mums have paid for a private early scan I'm estimated to be around 6 weeks but this is just rough. Im eager to have an early scan to know an exact date and rest my mind that I'm definately pregnant🙈 also twins run through my partners side like ALOT so would like my mind at ease that it's just the one🥰 
Are they worth doing? And does anyone have a recommendations on the best place? 


  • They will give you closes date around 10-12 weeks pregnant. You will not see a lot on scan just yet. I would wait till at least 8 weeks.

    I been to Window to the womb. Lovely place,but bit more expensive than anywhere else
  • They let me book a date for as soon as tomorrow, I don't mind not seeing to much really just want it to feel real🙈 yeah I was looking at them just a shame there isn't any near me😩x
  • Hi Sugerspice! Just wondering how you got on and if you booked a scan? I’m 8 weeks and 4 days and we have booked a 4d scan for Saturday - exactly the same reason as you, just want it to feel real! Everything is worrying me and I can’t help but think it’s all going to end! 
    Also twins run in my partners family and in my grandmas generation in mine! Hope everything is ok with you :)
  • Chloe87Chloe87 Regular
    edited Dec 4, 2019 7:12PM
    I think you'll get a more exact date the further along you are I have an early scan booked for December 16th I'll be About 8 weeks I had an emergency scan today and was dated earlier than I'd worked out for my self but bean was there heart beat and all :) 

    I'm using first veiw imaging 
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