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Feel so lonely

I'm in my last month of pregnancy and I've never felt so lonely in my life I knew my friends would disappear as I'm unable to drink or party with them any longer but it happened all most Instantly! even though I've asked on loads of occasions do they wanna go for lunch or coffee or even grab a coffee at my house theres always been an excuse I gave up asking as I felt like I was begging my "friends " to spend some time with me even when they needed something or a lift to somewhere or quick in asking for a favour I'm always there for them but not one of them can take 5mins out of their day to check up on me I dont know when the last time any of them even texted to see how I am or how I'm keeping. I'm sick of staying at home doing the same cleaning routine every single day my partner works enough to support our family hes a brilliant guy couldnt do enough for us but even then we bearly spend time together hes either wanting a lazy day playing his computer or watches stuff on his phone we've hardly been intimate I could count with one hand it's as if he doesn't want to touch me anymore even if I've tried to get things moving it's as if hes not interested in me anymore turns away and goes to sleep I've questioned it several times the following day and it's the same everytime he promises to pick up once babys here it's not that I want sex all the time I just want to feel loved and wanted even a cuddle at night before going to sleep or for someone to even spend 5 mins with me so I feel human again 


  • Awwww pregnancy is hard. Do any of your friends have children? Is your mum or family around to chat to? 

    as for your partner, please don’t worry about it. Lots of men feel this way when you’re pregnant, especially so far gone. In a short time, you’ll have your beautiful baby with you and the love you’ll have for them is amazing. I totally get that you just want some reassurance and affection. Have you told him that? Literally tell him that cuddles etc will do!!!! Sometimes they’re just a bit insensitive. 

    If your friends are real friends, they’ll come back around. Sometimes friendships just go through a few changes. You’ve changed because of your growing bump!

    When your baby’s born, join some baby groups and make some other friends in a similar situation to you. 

    Finally, make friends on this forum. It’s really helped me through good and bad times!

  • Yeah I have family around but I feel so stupid telling them this plus I wouldn't put stress on my mother as she has enough going on atm most of them have children around my little girls age so you would think they would understand yeah I've said to him but it's as if he doesn't listen even I when I need to hint on for just chill time just us both at night buying snacks and watching a film that seems to much to ask of him theses days 
  • Have you been to any parenting or other antenatal classes? It's a great way to meet other mums to be who will probably completely understand how you're currently feeling. 

    I know you're quite far gone but I'd call you midwife / health visitor and ask for some recommendations of events you can attend so you can get out and socialise. ☺️
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