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Is it possible I could be pregnant???

Hi everyone just a little about my journey!
I've had 2 miscarriages. One in 2016, I was almost 13 weeks gone! & my Most recent one being Feb this year. I was around 8 weeks sad we're currently trying again!
So my period is due in 10 days but for the last 2 days my nipples have been excessively sore!! And I know this may be tmi but I feel quite wet down there. 
What do you guys think please?
Thankyou for any responses <3


  • Can anyone please help me :( 
  • It'll just be a case of wait and see as it's too early. You nipples can become sore due to ovulation etc. I wish you luck xx
  • I agree with the above. It's too soon to know and those symptoms can be from multiple things. You're going to need to wait 6-10 days before you test, but testing is the only way to know.

    Good luck. 🤞
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