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Early announcement?

Hi there

Six weeks pregnant and going for an 8 week scan a week on Monday (12th August). Got my midwife appointment on the same day. Really want to announce my pregnancy on the 13th as it is my wedding anniversary. 
I know it can be a bit of an old wive's tale to wait for the 12 week scan and that miscarriage is only around 2% after 8 weeks etc...but still nervous about saying early. 
My work knows as due to the work i do i need to for safety. Some family and close friends know. 
Has anyone hear done an early announcement or have thoughts on it?


  • We announced it for a family straight away after positive test... unfortunately I had misscaridges...I got a lot of support from family but it was hard as everyone keeper reminding me what's happened (it was I. Way "I am so sorry" but still was horrible) so than we decided not to announce it till I will be past 12 weeks and after all tests.
    It's your own preference when to announce, but tbh I would wait to save questions In case if it will end up.
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