Telling family and friends you're pregnant - when did you do it?

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Hi Guys,

I'm just over 5 weeks, heading to the doc next Thursday.

What weeks are you telling family?


  • Congratulations
    Tbh when you feeling you ready to tell. Some people waiting till 12 weeks scan, some letting know straight away
  • I told my mum and sister straightaway. I told my closest friends when I was 6 weeks. Had a private scan at 8 weeks and then told my work. I'm 16 weeks now. Haven't made it fb official or anything. And still haven't told the rest of my family other than my dad, brother and gran. Also told some close friends. Other than this I'm keeping it quiet tbh. It depends om how you feel. There are no rules to follow. I know some people love making things fb official etc but I have told everyone that needs to know and I will keep it that way. I'm also not planning on adding any bump and baby pics online. But do whatever your gut is telling you. Tell everyone if you feel ready for or be like me and keep it to your closest friends and family. Wosh you all the best xxx
  • Hey, tell them as soon as you feel ready too. I've had four pregnancys. With my first I told family at 8 weeks, second 8 weeks, third 12 weeks. I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant and have only told one family member that I'm pregnant. I will be telling my family at 20 weeks it's very late to tell them however, that's when I want them to know. 
  • We told parents and siblings/partners within a few days that we found out.... I then had a miscarriage a few days later and so this time we have told parents and that’s it. Going to wait a few weeks and then tell siblings/partners but everyone else will be told once we’ve had our 12 week scan x 
  • we've decided to keep it a secret until after the scan. our children will know first. 
    I have 2 and my partner 2 from failed marriages. 
    we are going to buy them a you are going to be a big brother or sister card and make them open at the same time
  • I only found out last Tuesday and I'm 5 weeks today but we have told parents and our siblings which is just one brother each. Will tell a few more close family after 7 week scan and then anyone else after 12 weeks.

    It is very hard to keep quiet! You want to shout it from the rooftops! 
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