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Can i still be pregnant???

Hi cuties! I am very concerned about smth. As i do not want to have a baby at the moment because i am only 20, i got scared after i had my last sexual act on 1st July. Since then, i got my periods (exactly same sympthoms and lenght and heaviness) on 8th July, 6th August and today, 30th August. I also took two not-so-cheap pregnancy tests using the instructions on the package, with first urine in the morning, on 26th July and 15th August and they both came out negative! I am still sooo paranoid, can i still be pregnant after all those things? What concerns me is that i look a little bit bloated (at times) but sometimes i feel like its all in my head. Thanks a loot!!


  • Try to stop worrying. With 3 periods and 2 negative tests. You will be fine. 
    So that you’re not panicking in the future, use some protection. It’s not worth it if you don’t want a baby yet!!!!xxx
  • Thanks a lot for the answer, its really reassuring!! i will sure use protection next times
  • yeah i think you are not pregnant to because you have had periods and neg test, 
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