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First trimester August to October.



  • What a lovely scan pic @Sunshine8888
  • @Sunshine8888 what a cool photo :-)

    So last Thursday I had my doctor visit and a scan - all was OK, measuring 3 days ahead compared to the LMP which makes me 9w2d today :-) I was also prescribed progesterone tablets for 3 months and the doc shared some tips about the NIPT tests. Sadly those that he recommended (more issues they check) are not really available in UK. I found one called NIFY Plus though, it does some microdeletions on top of the usual things. Have anyone used a test different than Harmony? 

    Yesterday I had my first midwife appointment (at home!) and I learned that I will be consultant-led so on top of normal routine I will be having extra appointments at the hospital. That is due to my cholestasis, heavy blood loss in the last birth and also past LETZ procedure - enough reasons for one me ;-) And I thought I may be a higher risk due to my age LOL 

    Still feeling not so great, tired, nauseous and with terrible gastro issues... Can't wait for the 1st trimester to be over ;-)

  • Beautiful ☺️ @Sunshine8888
  • aaaah, I think today I had a very distinctive HB on my home doppler (Angel sounds). Is that likely at 9w2d? Or would it pick up like vein or sth like that?
  • Thank you 😊 I’m over the moon! Just want to start telling people! 
  • @jhunek it sounds like your visit went well and they’re taking care of you. I’ve never had a home doppler before, but I think it’s a bit easy for that. Fingers crossed it’s not! How are you feeling?

    @Sunshine8888 oh my gosh!!! What a great picture!! It makes me excited for mine tomorrow  :)
    Hoping your test results come
    back perfect and you can tell everyone soon! How long before you’ll get the results? Did they change your due date?!

  • thanks @Rockinmom2 I hope your scan goes well tomorrow 😊

    I should hopefully get the results within 5-7 days 🤞🏻

    Yes due date is now 30 April ☺️ Three days after my birthday!! 
  • @jhunek I have a home Doppler but have only been able to pick up my heartbeat. I am 10 weeks
  • @Rachel.a21
    Which home Doppler do you have? Is it safe to use?
  • @TtcAt34for#2 Mine just says Fetal Doppler on the box. Yes it’s the same type that they use in the doctors office 
  • I think the heartbeat is only picked up on the Doppler after the uterus moves above the bladder ( about 12 weeks) 
  • I haven’t got a home Doppler. It looks like my placenta is forming on the front wall so I think it’ll be harder for me to feel movement or pick up a heartbeat 
  • hello ladies, how are we all today?
    After a bit of advise, i'm getting shooting pain just above my left hip bone in the last 30 mins it comes and goes but its got me stressing.  anyone had anything similar?
  • Everything looks great!! Measuring 12w2d but no due date change. So happy!!
  • Fab news @Rockinmom2 I was wondering how you’d got on! Are you announcing soon? 
  • Thanks @Sunshine8888!! We’ll take our announcement picture this weekend. I’ll post it when we do. Soooo excited
  • @Chellefish no sorry, can you call your midwife?

    @Rockinmom2 what a lovely picture xx
  • @Chellefish does it happen when you’re doing something or when you’re relaxing too? My round ligament pain is terrible, but only happens if I stretch or twist wrong or move too quickly. If it hurts enough that you’re worried, I’d call 
  • @Chellefish no shooting pains but lots of twinges and aches, I think it’s just the ligaments stretching. I’m really starting to pop now. I am worrying about telling work, I can’t decide whether to wait a bit or just get it over with 
  • @Chellefish how are you feeling?

    @Sunshine8888 what’s stopping you from telling work?
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