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First trimester August to October.



  • @Rockinmom2 feeling a bit better today no pain, just hoping it was some stretching inside that set it of.  having a bit of a rough day with the nausea today and feeling really drained.  I think its not knowing what to expect or whats going on that has me worrying.

    Thanks for all the responses @Amnx @Sunshine8888 @Rockinmom2
  • I just told the nail technician my news 😂 I figured she doesn’t know me and I’m fed up of keeping it a secret so why not 😂
    it was so strange saying it out loud. 

    @Rockinmom2 I’d like to get my screening / blood tests results and go from there. I’m also pretty sure there is a merger or company takeover in the pipeline and I’m a bit worried about where I’ll stand. If they know I’ll be on maternity next year could they ‘find’ a different reason to not keep me on😬 I don’t know when we will find out though and not sure how long I can continue to hide it 
  • @Sunshine8888, totally understand the work situation.  I've been told in March this year that my role is being transferred out to another company under TUPE and the work are paying me a retention to stay here until its completed until October next year.  I don't know how this pregnancy is going to affect the transfer, what will be offerered, how maternity and KIT days will work.    I would be due to transfer during my maternity and that is really worrying me, also with the whole being able to compress hours or change working hours and what the packages are in the new company are all unknowns just now, I could be going to shift work and working overtime again which I haven't done in years and really don't want to do.

    All I know is to get rid of you they would have to have a very good excuse (are you in the UK? as you are a protected person. So if you thought that the reason they had for not keeping you on they open themselves to a tribunal.)
  • @Chellefish is this your first pregnancy? I felt like that A LOT with my first. It was all very uncomfortable. You think you know your body so well and then all the sudden it starts doing strange things and you don’t know what’s normal anymore. Hopefully it gets better for you soon. 

    @Sunshine8888 I forgot you didn’t have your results yet. It shouldn’t take too long to get them though, right? I literally LOLed when you said you told the nail technician. I l will literally tell any stranger hahahha. I told the lady at the grocery check out the other day! You’re right, it just feels good to say it out loud! 
    That sucks about your work situation, but I’m with Chellefish, I’d try not to worry about what might happen later and just enjoy your pregnancy with your coworkers. If you’re doing your job, there shouldn’t be a reason to look for a way to push you out.  I’m hoping for the best for you
  • @Rockinmom2 yeah its my first pregnancy at 37, just having a week where its all a bit overwhelming I think.

  • Hi @Chellefish - yes I’m in the uk. I wish I just knew when we’d find out what’s happening because then I could decide when to tell. If it’s going to be in the next month maybe I could hang on. But if not what’s the point in staying quiet all this time 😬
  • @Rockinmom2 she said results will hopefully be back by next Thursday 🤞🏻
  • Hey guys haven’t posted for a while things have been manic my end! Lovely to see the photos all coming together now! My app is saying I’m 11+2 but I no I’m slightly behind so I think I’m more like 10+6 and I thought my symptoms were getting better, I went for lunch with my grandparents yesterday and when I got back from picking my partner up from work I say down five minutes before I started projectile vomiting everywhere for over half an hour it was out of control and never ever been sick like that before! I couldn’t sleep worrying that something is wrong and today I’ve work up still
    feeling sick, should I be worried? 

    I was thinking about doing a harmony test but that’s half my pram savings! I’m going to window in the womb for a 4D scan and early gender reveal at 17 weeks where I can get a heart beat teddy and a 4D video etc which is £120 instead slightly more reasonable! 
  • Hi Lilisvin hope you're feeling a bit better now. I really wouldnt worry about the vomiting. I've been projectile vomiting since 6 weeks and it's only just eased at 15 weeks. I did get a bit worried myself when it got worse at 12 weeks and I was sick a lot over a couple of days and had another scan but it was all fine. Hope yours doesnt last as long Xx
  • @Lilsivin I am so sorry you’ve been sick! I hope you get to feeling better soon. I am also going to schedule an early 4D gender appointment as well. Here in the states, we can find out at 14 weeks and it’s $99. I am going to schedule that for November 15th so I only have to wait 25 days instead of waiting until the end of December to find out lol the blood test is just too much for me too. At least with the 4D, I will get to see the baby too and not just a blood test. It seemed more worth the price for me personally 
  • I had a 4d scan at 16 weeks with my little boy and to be honest it was a little weird they are so skeletal... I’ve seen some around 25/28 weeks and it’s a lot cuter cuz there chunkier by then ... but we did find out the gender which was the primary reason we went. 

    My sickness also got a lot worse at 12 weeks and today I’m 10+5 (more like 10+2) and I’ve been sick two morning in a row which I haven’t previously 
  • Anyone else getting really bad constipation I’m actually experiencing a lot of pain with mine and not sure what I can do 
  • @Lilsivin I have!! There will be certain days where it almost makes me feel sick. Have you tried a stool softener? There are some that are approved for pregnancy 
  • I defo do not have this problem mine is the opposite ... if I over endulge I had to locate the nearest loo and the pain is awful this shows how different pregnancy can be 
  • And what about bleeding gums??
  • @Lilsivin I’ve had bleeding gums which annoys me cuz I’m particular with my teeth lol

    had some more spotting this morning not a lot and no pain but I’m seeing midwife today to have bloods redone as the hospital lost mine 😫 so will mention it then . Sorry I havnt been on much been having a rough few weeks it’s lovely looking through and seeing everyone’s lovely wee scans/announcements hope you are all keeping well !!! 
  • Hi ladies,
    I’ve been offline for a couple of days so just need to read back and catch up. 

    Went to bed at 7pm last night and cried myself to sleep. The thumping headaches are a killer and just nothing i can do to relieve them. I think I’m also super anxious for my harmony results this week and also my scan tomorrow. We have told a few people now and I just feel a bit terrified that it’s all going to go wrong and I’ll have to untell them 😢

    @Amnx I think it’s your scan today? Hope everything is ok, keep us posted xx
  • The harmony test is not just a blood test by any means! It tests for chromosomal issues with much more accuracy. Yes you can find out the gender but the peace of mind that baby has low risk for life limiting / ending conditions is worth the £££ to me.  Unfortunately the false positive rate on the free screening and blood test is much higher meaning some ladies go on to have invasive procedures that can result in miscarriage when they may not have needed to!  Maybe it’s different in the states but just to clarify the situation here 
  • @Lilsivin I have bleeding gums, I need to go see the dentist I think, all dental treatment is free in the uk when pregnant - bonus! 

    I am getting terrible indigestion which results in very painful cramps. I’m going to avoid eating big meals for a while. I went out for dinner with friends on Saturday night and felt absolutely awful afterwards! The cramping was so horrible, I was really worried and ended up sleeping badly. I didn’t have any bleeding so hoping it was just indigestion but it did worry me 
  • @Sunshine8888 yes its my scan today 11.30 i am absolutely terrified my anxiety has been awful the last few days.

    will let you know how i get on this afternoon x
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