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First trimester August to October.



  • I no the dentist is free here in wales I just hope all treatment is as I’m sure I may need to have them cleaned to stop them bleeding, but it’s super bad especially the morning brush, my scan is on the 30th and I am now loosing sleep as I’m so anxious! 
  • @Amnx totally understand, I feel the same this week. Good luck 💕
  • @Sunshine8888 Oh yes, I know the blood test checks for those things as well. In my mind, even if my baby has chromosome abnormalities, me knowing now won’t change anything versus me knowing when they are born or further on. That’s why I personally don’t want to spend the money on it because I would just want to know about gender. But that’s totally just my own personal outlook, nothing wrong with doing the test if you can 🙂
  • haha yes @Rachel.a21 £430 to just find out gender is a bit steep!! I’m really hoping for good results so I can stop worrying so much 🤞🏻 
  • @Sunshine8888 Is there a certain gender you are hoping for? Of course excited no matter what, but I really want a girl since I have a son 
  • @Sunshine8888 I’m keeping my fi gets crossed for great news for you and am so excited for you to find out the gender. 

    @Lilsivin my gums have been bleeding a bit. Just part of pregnancy. It’s always hard on my teeth. A cleaning or two is usually helpful. 

    @Amnx I hope you start feeling better soon! 

    @Rachel.a21 hubs and I are debating whether to do an early 3D ultrasound too. Like you said it’s only $100, but I just feel so guilty about it. Like, both my kiddos bdays are in November and that money would be better spent on them lol. But my husband is pretty anxious to know, so who knows! I keep going back and forth between what would be a good fit for the family and I think we’re just going to be so excited either way. Little girls are lots of fun though!
  • Side note. My 3rd baby bump is NO joke. I look 6 months pregnant and still not a single pound gained. It’s insane. My nausea is a bit better but I’m also having to eat much smaller meals or I feel very sick and still pretty tired. 
  • @Rachel.a21 I will be thrilled with either, this is my first baby! 

    @Rockinmom2, wow your bump is amazing!! Mine is very small but then I’ve not been pregnant before. 
  • Hiya ladies
    its not good news for me unfortunately, went for my scan today and there is a sac but no baby. 
    We had such an awful miscarriage last time so this time we have opted for d&c and will be having it on monday. Absolutely heartbroken wasnt expected this time at all as i still have all my symptoms, they said that is due to the sac still growing and producing hormones.

    i wish you all the best on your journeys ❤️
  • Oh @Amnx I’m so so sorry to hear this. I can’t even imagine how you must be feeling right now. Take care of yourself and I hope you get your bundle of joy in the not so distant future. Xxx
  • @Sunshine8888 thank you wishing you all the best x
  • @Sunshine8888 Aw, that’s awesome! Idk why I was thinking you already had children. 

    @Rockinmom2 I want a girl so bad, but I have a feeling that it’s another boy lol of course I’ll be happy either way, but would love one of each
  • I’m so sorry to hear amnx

    So ladies what do you think... I have my 12 week scan Monday I will be 11+2 or 3 according to my previous scan so I can’t move it for screening reasons but my husband is going to be away for the scan ... which I have encouraged him to go to this event. We last saw baby at 8+3 and everything was fine but I don’t really want to go to the scan without knowing everything is ok before I go alone. So I want to go for a private scan Friday as well ... am I being silly ?
  • @Lillian2410 that’s totally your call you should do what you fee comfortable with. I can tell you my hubby went with me to my 8 week scan, but I went alone to my 12 week. I was a little nervous id get bad news on my own, but if your 8 week was fine, chances are very low of something happening. Good luck!!
  • Well, we finally made our announcement yesterday! It feels like such a relief and I can’t believe I got everyone to stand in one place and look at the camera hahah.  Caption said: OH BABY! A new chapter in our adventure coming in April ❤️
  • @Rockinmom2 that picture is amazing!! Look at your lovely kids and that gorgeous dog!!! 

    I’ve just had my harmony results and all low risk ☺️  I’ve asked her to send the gender in my emailed results as I was at work and didn’t want to find out there without DH being present!! 

    Scan tonight, really hope baby is ok 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 
  • @Sunshine8888 aw, thank you! And such wonderful news for you!! 
    Can’t wait to find out what you’re having. You’re stronger than I am hah!
  • I’m so happy!! Measuring 13 weeks although due date is 2 May - not sure how that works?! But anyway 😂 also found out I’m having a little girl! 💖 absolutely thrilled! 
  • can anyone help with gender guess, this scan at 12wks 4day and below is 21wks 2days!all is perfect and that's all that number 4, already have 3 lovley boys TIA x

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