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First trimester August to October.



  • @Charlot-2411 I had those too the day I got my BFP. It’s been great so far! No sickness (I didn’t have any with my son either), only symptom I had was being very tired and very hungry, but it’s easing up now. This is so exciting for it to be your first!! It’s the best feeling in the world. My son is 7 and will be 8 when this baby is born, so it’s been a while since I’ve been pregnant lol 
  • I’m genuinely so excited, I just really want to enjoy it. I think the worry comes from the unknown, I’m sure after a scan it will all be more real. Ah 8 years is a big gap, but a nice one too. How are you finding it 2nd time round, is it much different? How far gone where you when you found out xx 
  • The first scan definitely makes it feel more real and gives you less worry. Are you in the US or the UK? So far, my pregnancy is the same as it was with my son. I was lucky enough to have a very smooth pregnancy with him, so I’m glad I didn’t get any sickness this time either. I found out when I was 5 weeks
  • @Rachel.a21 im in the UK so hot a while to wait until first scan unless I go for a private early one. Are you UK or US? I hope I’m lucky and avoid the sickness too! X
  • @Charlot-2411 I am in the US so our first scan is at 8 weeks
  • Congrats @Charlot-2411! I had cramps and backache at that stage as well, perfectly normal. I’m now 14+1 and have pains again but this time due to stomach expanding I think ☺️ It’s such an exciting time! 
  • Thank you @Sunshine8888 it’s not been as bad today (fingers crossed) did you overthink as much as me 😂😂 
  • @Charlot-2411 yes every day is a worry even now!! It’s the unknown and all being out of our control. Now I’ve got past 12 weeks I can’t wait to feel baby start moving but think that’ll be a while yet! 
  • hey ladies sorry didn't get on over the weekend to check in with you all had a tough one that resulted in me spending all day yesterday in bed, the exhaustion and nausea really got the better of me.

    @Charlot-2411 welcome to the group, its hard not to worry about everything especially waiting the 12 weeks to hear if everything is going ok. I'm 9+3 based on LMP and have another 3 weeks till my scan and it cannot come soon enough right now.  We have decided to hold off telling anyone until the scan so its super hard to keep quiet right now.  

    One of my besties announced on Sat at lunch that she is 6 weeks gone and it was so hard not to shout out that i'm due in June too. DH and I are both struggling just now not to slip up but want to make sure everything is ok first.  First time being pregnant here so I don't know whats going on half the time.

    How is everyone doing on this wet and dreich Monday.
  • Hi @Chellefish sorry to hear you had a rough time , my symptoms really started to ease up around 10 weeks hopefully you get some relief then too . I had some bleeding today no cramps tho midwife recons it could be from intercourse at the weekend ( was finally feeling better poor hubby thought he hit the lotto) I’m 11+5 scan on Monday praying all is well 
  • Hi @Charlot-2411 welcome! All of your worries at normal, as everyone’s said already. I think most, if not all of us had mild or even moderate cramping the first couple of weeks and like Sunshine, I am getting some again, I think because my stomach is growing lol. 

    @Chellefish it can be so hard to wait to announce, but I was like you. I wanted to make sure it was all ok before I did that. That’s why I joined this group. At least I had some others to chat with. Hopefully you feel better soon! 

    Still pretty boring here. I’m 14+4 and definitely have my energy and appetite back. I’m having such a HARD time eating smaller portions more frequently. I feel so hungry! Lol making up for all that nausea in the 1st tri. 
    We’ve decided to wait for our gender scan and not pay for a private one. So I’ll have that in 6 weeks. Feels like forever! And my gestational diabetes test came back great. No worries there!
    hope you’re all doing well
  • That’s good rockinmom! I had a horrific day yesterday I was sick in the morning and in the evening after my 12 hour shift ... poor hubby doesn’t cook often and he cooked last night I didn’t eat any and ran to be sick while sitting at the table 🤦🏼‍♀️ 13 weeks tomorrow and it’s my birthday hope we have a good day 
  • Hope you feel better for your birthday @Lillian2410

    I’ve had a small bleed today. It’s terrified me! But I did read it can happen after a bowel movement or sexual intercourse. It’s only a little stain and nothing when I wiped. Do you think it’s ok? 😣 god I hate all this constant worry! 
  • Hi ladies, 

    thank you so much for all the advise and reassurance, it’s so nice to know I’m not mad!! 

    I’ve read lots about a slug he bleed after intercourse @[email protected] so I wouldn’t worry yourself too much. 

    My other half tried it last night but my boobs are just so sore and I feel so tired, I felt bad as he said I had bags of energy when trying 😂😂 bless!! 

    Hope you all have a great day! 
  • @Lillian2410 aw, I hope you feel better soon and Happy Birthday!!! I felt sick with my son until around 16 weeks, my daughter around 13 and this one started easing around 11 weeks. Hopefully you get some relief soon!

    @Sunshine8888 it’s so hard not to worry! You know what to look for though. If you haven’t had any more, and it was t bright right then you’re ok :) are you in the long wait for your next scan now? 
    I’m sure your little girl is just fine
  • Thanks everyone!

    yes @Rockinmom2 I’m waiting for my 20 week scan date!! I guess it’ll be mid December some time but it’s not been confirmed yet.  Next Friday I have a midwife appointment and they’ll try to listen to the heartbeat. I hope they manage to find it and it’s reassures me a bit. This long wait not knowing if everything is ok is horrible.  Glad your diabetes test came back clear x
  • I was referred last night by my GP to the midwife, what can I expect at my first midwife appointment? 

    I’ve also been looking at an early reassurance scan. They can be done from 6 weeks - has anyone had one and can share their experience? 

  • @Sunshine8888 can you contact your midwife? sure the bleed is nothing though and the little one is tucked up keeping comfy.  Its such a stress not knowing what is going on inside out bodies.

    @charlot-2411 are you in the UK?  My booking app last week was a whole lot of history (as the girls aloud song goes), weight, height, urine and bloods.

    3 weeks tomorrow and we get to see the little one for the first time, it is going so slowly though and I am so nervous with every twinge that I get.  The nausea and food aversions have ramped up a notch and its taking me hours to eat the smallest bit of food and tbh its not the healthiest as all I can face seems to be carbs.  my tastebuds have also decided that nothing tastes nice anymore and food is revolting.  

    After the scan I don't get another MW app until 8th Jan due to xmas and new year falling on a Wednesday the only day my mw does appointments so I am sure that I will be in more of a freak out at that point just hoping my sister has her baby sharp to distract me a little.
  • Hi @Chellefish I’m in the UK. 
    I’m hoping I get to skip the hating of food and morning sickness, I know everyone is different and we all react differently so will just have to see. 

    I’m almost tipped over the edge with the cramps I don’t think I can handle anything else 😂😂 
  • Me and my twin sister are both pregnant I’ve gone off everything and anything and she’s been fine 🤷🏼‍♀️ You can just never tell 
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