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First trimester August to October.



  • Note to self watching the pride of Britain with pregnancy hormones surging is not going to end well. 
  • Hey guys, all getting slightly better with me apart from constipation I’m now on my second lot of medication from the doctors as I could hack the drinkable laxatives I was sick instantly, my constipation is so bad I can’t eat and I be sick when I do, last night was the worst!!! Sex for me being 13+4 has just started to pick up again I went through my whole first trimester hating my boyfriend hating my house and now I love him again and want him near me, roll on 3rd where no doubt it will all change again! 
  • @Sunshine8888 I have to wait for my 20 weeks scan too it’s Dec 12  Feels so far. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble hearing baby’s heartbeat on the doppler. I’m heavier than you and we had no trouble at all last week. 

    @Lillian2410 your twin is pregnant too?! That’s crazy!!! Are you guys due around the same time?
  • Yes she is also due in May at the end 😊 we are both very happy 
  • @Sunshine8888 My OB found the heartbeat on a Doppler when I was 11 weeks, so they should be able to easily find it. 
  • woke this morning to a creamy slightly pink discharge and cramping 9+5 based on mw calcs, head is all over the place panicking but I know I just need to keep an eye on things.  Someone please tell me this is normal.
  • @Rachel.a21 @Rockinmom2 even if my placenta is on the front? I heard that can make things tricky! 
  • @Chellefish hope you’re ok. Try not to panic. Lots of women have a little bleed. How’s the cramping now?xx
  • @emj3 just more of a dull ache now, not sure if its stretching or just in my imagination now, I tend to overthink and be a worrier its hard with not telling anyone to stop driving myself crazy and googling every little symptom.  Discharge seems to be back to a more normal colour so hoping it was just a one off this morning.

    These forums are a god send just now, but I defo don't want to be at work today just home on the sofa under a fleecy feeling sorry for myself.
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    @Sunshine8888 Oh, I didn’t realize that was the case. My sister is law is pregnant and her placenta is also on the front and covering her cervix opening. I may ask her when they found a heartbeat for her. Has it been causing any problems being there? My sis in law is due in March and has already been put on bed rest for a month because of hers
  • @Chellefish how are you feeling? I had lots of spotting in my other two pregnancies and both were healthy. Can you call your midwife? Let us know how you are. 

    @Sunshine8888 I didn’t know your placenta was anterior. I do think it can make things a little harder to hear and feel, but I don’t know much about that. How are you feeling today?
  • @Rockinmom2 I am ok, just tend to overthink things. Still feels so long until my scan date so I think I just can't help worrying at the moment. Dh is doing his best trying to calm me but its not always easy,
  • Sorry to hear your having a rough time if it @Chellefish I know it’s easy to say not to worry and I absolutely contradict myself as I worry at everything. Like you say the worst is that no one else knows, I really want to tell my mum as I know she helps with my overthinking but I also want to know all is ok and surprise my parents!! 

    Plenty of rest for you today, and just monitor how things go xx 
  • @charlot-2411 thx I just need to get through the next 3 hrs at work and then I am going home to try and sort my head out again.
  • It looked like it was forming on the front at early scans but I think they check at the 20 week scan. I hope it isn’t problematic. 

    @Chellefish sorry I missed your post earlier at the same time as mine. Hope the bleed has stopped. I had frequent bleeds, it is really scary but hopeful everything is just fine xx
  • and hello again, some new members here - great! 
    So I have been quiet in the last few weeks - not much has changed here, still feeling nauseous A LOT, however, I think my energy levels start to slowly shift. SLOWLY ;-) 

    We went through with the test I mentioned here - Nifty Plus, and got the results on Tuesday (within one week) - all came back low risk (trisomies, sex hormones plus 9 microdeletions) and we found out that it is a girl! So all those crazy hormones levels were due to a girl, as some of you rightly said ;-)
    How bizarre to know so early... The scan they made ahead of the test once again proved that I am ahead of my LMP date and as of today I am 12w3d (accordingly to LMP only 11w6d). We also got some super cute videos from the scan that show the baby moving, really cool! None of that was possible 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my son, what a massive change in such a short time. 

    I have my official NHS dating scan next week, and I will already be 13w2d at the time.  Then in December my first consultant appointment and nothing else in the calendar at the moment. Thank god I am generally really calm, I have been getting the HB on my home doppler since I was around 10-11 weeks - everything with this baby is early ;-)

    I am wondering what else ?  
  • @jhunek Congrats!!! I feel like everyone here is going to get a girl and I will get a second boy 😂😂 I’ll still be thrilled, of course, but I really want a girl! I will find out next Friday 
  • @Rachel.a21 I’m sending lots of girly vibes your way 💖
  • Congrats @jhunek 💖
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