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Help I am panicking!

For fear of driving my husband insane I thought I would try here for a bit of reassurance... I am currently 11+5 weeks pregnant, but yesterday starting experiencing spotting and period like pains. Out of hrs Dr told me it's likely that I am miscarrying, but I have to wait until Tuesday for a scan!
Today I have woken up not 'feeling' pregnant as normally I feel sick morning, noon and night, but not this morning. Also when I brushed my hair a bit came out...
I know I am sending myself loopy, but this is my 5th pregnancy and I fell pregnant on the coil so I had the initial shock, fear of ectopic, coil removed and then finally a bit of reassurance with a scan at 8+3weeks where they saw the heartbeat. I am 41, no previous history of MC.

Help!!! Anyone else experienced something similar? Xx


  • Hi, I’m sorry to hear your experiencing stress, it’s not nice. I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks and on the morning it happened I myself woke up feeling not pregnant, it’s a hard feeling to describe but you just know. Can the a&e department not fit you in for a scan if you go up there? Tuesday is far too long to wait! Got my fingers crossed that everything is ok for you x
  • Thanks for replying and genuinely sorry to hear of your loss.
    Apparently not, the EPU is so overwhelmed Tuesday was the first scan available. A&E will only see me if I experience heavy blood loss.
    I worried with my all other pregnancies, but was told from the off that this one had a higher risk of MC because of falling pregnant with a coil Insitu.
    I am not sure if my lack of symptoms are psychosomatic or intuition?! 

    Thanks xx
  • It’s really hard to say or determine. I had to pay for a private scan and they got me in the same day, are there any local private clinics near to you at all if you can’t wait until Tuesday? It’s the waiting around that drives you mad isn’t it because you just want to know exactly what’s going on and if your baby is ok x
  • My husband wouldn't pay for a scan anyway. Definitely the 'wait and see' approach is hard going. Still trying to be positive xx
  • how did you get on today?
  • @KellyP hi, I’m just checking in to see how you got on today. Hope your ok
  • Any news hun? 
  • Hello! Sorry I just saw this. Still spotting and still in fair bit of pain, but thankfully scan showed baby moving and waving and looking well. No one can tell me why I am getting the spotting or pain so I guess I will just have to accept it is part of this pregnancy.

    Thanks for asking xx
  • hi was getting loads pains so went a&e last weds did the exam and she couldnt see nothing wrong so booked me in for a scan next day (thurs) had a virgnal scan can see the heart beat and sac i came in at 7 weeks told her about my yellowish discharge  so she took a swab heard nothing back and anyway still gwtting loadsa watery discharge and bits yellowish and maken my tummy feel weird like sickning and cant walk much with the discharge its my third pregnancy  but no living children as i had two misscarriages before anyway is this normal will ir go away
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