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Only sac seen

I found out I was pregnant on 30th sep 2019. I thought I was ill so went to doctor. Came home pregnant. 
Iit has been calculated that I was about 6 - 7 weeks.
Had stabbing pains 7th October 2019. Went to hospital and was assessed. They thought it maybe eptopic. They did blood tests. And was 1320 hcg. Which they said was good. But falls in the 5week mark. 
Has to have early pregnancy scan 9th October 2019, as I have a hisotru of miss carriage (18 to be exact) . And the scan showed just a sac, the scan lady said everything looked good from what she could see. Thick lining of uturus wall and a good sized sac. But no baby yet. They want me to go back next week to see if the scan shows more.
They said they wouldn't do any more hcg levels since their was a sac present and a good size. 
Has anyone else been for scan and only seen sac. I have had no bleeding. And not alot of sickness. I am very hungry wanting tuna salad all the time. And drinking load sod water and juice. Feeling tired and boob are very sore. But not alot of morning sickness. I have 2 children already. A girl who is 13 and a body who is 10 and disabled. (I lost his twin at 3 months in the womb) and miscarried ever since after his.
Its so scarey. Any advised would be great. So nerve racking. This pregnancy was not planned. And I prevented pregnancy every way I could. But so how the pill failed. And now I'm pregnant at 37. I am not happy and excited. As this will be my last. As I feel starting all over again. Everything has changed so much in 10 years. 
Thanks in advance 


  • I’ve been for a scan like this and had to back in 2 weeks and there was a baby and a heartbeat. My dates were just a bit out.
    I’m so sorry you’ve suffered so much. Pregnancy can be an emotional, torturous journey for someone who has lost a baby. 18 mc sounds so unbelievably hard. I lost my baby boy at 20/21 weeks last year and then mc at 11 weeks later in the year. 
    I now have a gorgeous baby girl who is 8 weeks old- I’m 38 and have a 14 year old and a 7 year old too.
  • Hi I am going through a similar thing just now had a blighted ovum 5 years ago , and found out I was pregnant 2 weeks ago dates are working out that I'm 7 weeks 1 day booked a early scan as I have been worried went last Saturday and they could only see the sac however the lady said I was measuring under 6 weeks so have ti go back in 2 days I'm so worried as this is what happened last time , the wait is so hard I'm trying to stay positive but I am struggling, xxxx
  • Good luck ladies. Hopefully you were just too
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