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Sleep pod recommendations

Hi, can anyone recommend a sleep pod that they have used and liked? Theres so many to choose from. 


  • I had line a very long u shaped pillow, so I could support my back put between legs and support belly as well as neck all at once. But I also had flat triangle shaped pillow for waist gap. It was sooo much better to sleep on a side like this
  • My friend swore by her Sleepyhead pod, they're meant to be great. 
  • My daughter really liked the poddlepod!
  • So sorry I misunderstood! 
  • Thanks all .

    @LoveMyGirlies Only thing putting me off the sleepyhead is the price! I know its meant to be very good. But it's very pricey. Thought I found a good deal for onea at€60, but turns out that was for the cover!!! If ppl think it's worth the price, I'd consider it .

    @MrsD90 I googled to poddle pod. That's more in my price range and good to hear it works. Did you get many months out of it?

    Was looking on Amazon, there are just so many to choose from. I know there are reviews on Amazon, but Id prefer to get suggestions on here.

    @MadDoda Ill takes on how I can sleep better too ;) I have little pillow that I stick under my bump when sleeling on my side too. It hells, but can't wait to be able to sleep on my front again!
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