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Unborn baby has cyst

Hi there I'm just looking for some advice or to hear anyone's stories who's experienced similar. 
I've gone to my 20 week anomaly scan, where everything is fine, except she thought my baby has a large bladder but on closer inspection, she noticed it is actually what appears to be a cyst above baby's bladder. I've been booked to go back in a few days so the specialist can have a look. 

I'm so worried, its all I can think about. Has anyone experienced this and what was the outcome?


  • My friend had a similar thing to this with her daughter.  They noticed it in a third trimester scan and she was emotional and freaked out as well.  The doctor said that she didn't think there was much to worry about as it looked perfectly round in shape and may be fluid.  They monitored it and it slowly disappeared on its on.  It was nothing to worry about.  Hope this is the same for you. x 
  • Hey @xColeSx , I had an abdominal cyst found in my baby @ 16w then confirmed for definite @ 20w.  Just wondered what the outcome was with your LO?  As have been searching high and low online but can’t find much :( x
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