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Had 4 positive tests, then started bleeding, went for a scan but saw nothing then had a negative tes

Period was due the 8th Nov, did a test on the 13, 14th, 15th all positive. Started bleeding on the 17fh/18th phoned the doctors 19th about the bleeding they referred me for a scan the following day (20th) and to do another at home pregnancy test so again I peed on the stick and another positive, went for my scan on the 20th, saw nothing, girl said that was normal if I'm so early on wanted me to give a urine sample so again went for a pee and gave them the tiniest bit I could push out, this time the test came back negative, the girl explained to me that it's a possibility I was never pregnant in the first place or that I've had a early miscarriage but I cant help to think that there mistaken and it is just too early too tell. I've had no pain whatsoever and they never offered to do an internal scan which is the best option if your early on, or take bloods. My first midwife app in supposed to be on the 4th dec do I still go to this and get them to test again or get an appointment sooner? I'm so confused 


  • Also my pregnancy tests were a mixture before the lines and digital 
  • If I were you I'd be tempted to retest again in a day or two and see what it says. Ideally retest with one of the tests you've previously had a positive with to see if the line is darker or not. For example if you were to retest with the same brand as you used on the 13th or 14th you'd expect a very very dark line now if you're pregnant. 

    Unfortunately if you had a negative test at the hospital then the hospital may well be correct and you've had an early miscarriage. 

    My fingers are crossed for you. 
  • Thank you, I was at the the hospital yesterday morning when would be ideal to retest?
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