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Brown spotting

Hi is it normal to have light brown spotting after wiping in early pregnancy? today I’m five weeks +5 days. not having any horrible pains just period Type cramps every so often


  • Light brown spotting can be normal for some people. Brown is normally less worrying than red. If I were you I'd just monitor it and call your midwife if it gets worse or you feel you need to. 
  • I had brown spotting and pink spotting too from 5 weeks to 10 weeks and everything was ok 
  • I was told brown spotting is usually old blood clearing out of the lining... It usually is nothing to worry about. However if you have a local EPU who u can contact for early scan i would do. See if they can book u in for early scan. They usually scan from 6 weeks onwards. Good luck
  • Thank you girls! 
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