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I’m a doula – ask me anything

Recently I qualified as a doula and looking for a bit of experience. So ask me a questions about pregnancy, birth and first weeks with newborn. Will be happy to help


  • Hiya.. well congratulations.. my question for is im have awful pelvic pain.. this is my third child. I keep feeling im going to go into labour early cause im so sore im 30 weeks and feel some times im walking as babies head is between my legs what you think I should do? Next hospital appointment is the 11 December :(
  • My third pregnancy was same. I felt that I can give a birth any moment after 30th week. 
    It might be you having this pain as your muscles are not as strong as with first baby.
    Do you feel pressure on your rectum (sorry TMI, you can PM me answer)?
    Are you doing Kegel?

  • Hiya.. yes i do feeling pressure at times in both rectum and vagina. Im so sore but this my smallest bump which is werid 
  • Baby must be closer to your back... As you feel pressure in rectum I would call MAU and asked for assistance. Just to make sure you are not close to labour and your cervix is shut
  • Thanks for that might give them a ring tomorrow :)
  • If you don't mind let me know what they said. 
  • Hiya didn't get hold of doc today as it's weekend and didn't want to ring a&e. Sorry if tmi But another question for you.. I have pooping regularly 2 or 3 times a day until today I couldn't go all day eventually went little balls of poop. Had  legs up on little step on toilet but felt Iike lots of pressure on vagina?? Was this just from try to go or could baby head be really low already?? So confused 
  • Call your local maternity unit. Sounds like you might go in labour. My friend had similar symptoms as yours and gave a birth few days after. Better be safe than sorry.
    While you waiting try to have lots of water, fibre rich food and good walk should help.
    Don't panic pressure could be cos you constipated, but better be checked
  • Thanks for writing back been resting all morning gave my mid wives a ring waiting on call back x
  • Rest is always a good idea. Hope everything will be sorted for you soon
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  • Went into doctor today said a my vitals are good.. by feeling he says baby is a grand size.. big.. and hb strong but advise to ring and see if I can push up my earlier appointment or get a scan. 
  • Glad everything went well for you and hope your appointment will be early and you will get a scan x
  • I’m 36 weeks as of today, had an appointment on Monday the 25th, has talked to the doctor about the contractions I had been getting off and on for the entire week before, he said it was a good sign and checked my cervix. I was at a 1 and very soft, on the ultrasound he could see that baby girl is fully engaged as well she dropped at about 39 weeks and now she’s about as low as it gets. I continued to have contractions, definitely getting stronger but not much closer together, maybe about 7 to 8 minutes apart and they’d stop after a few hours. This went on until yesterday when out of no where they completely stopped I’d gotten maybe 6 contractions the entire day, but I’ve felt off. Something doesn’t feel normal but I can’t quite explain why I’m still not contracting anymore and my baby is no where near as active as she usually is ill maybe get a foot to the side every now and then rather than her normal squirming and rolling around. I’m wondering if this is just the calm before the storm, and if I’ll be having my baby very soon. Debating on whether I should be doing some excercises to help start the contractions again to keep things moving along or if I should just take the day to rest.
  • She dropped at 30 weeks not 39 I just caught the typo
  • Most likely you having Braxtons-false contractions that getting your body ready for real labour. You don't need to do anything to kick them off.
    Baby is big now and that why you feeling kicks rather than rolling.... But please keep eye on movements, baby is NOT slowing down before labour. You should have regular movements every day. If you worried about movement better give a call to MAU and get checked x
  • @Sigsauer
    What are the benefits of having a doula? 
  • @VALA
    Doula provides support and physical help (as massage) during labour and after. With few visits in first week to help establish breastfeeding. They help to fight anxiety, making sure that doctors/midwife following birth plan (if everything goes smoothly).
    As doula I help women to have stress free labour and delivery, helping mum-to-be to stay calm. Being calm help speed up process and reduces chances of C-section..
    Also doula knows natural pain reliefs, better Poses for each stage of labour.
    Doula is women's represental in delivery room, she knows what women would like and what she doesn't want.

  • @Sigsauer
    Wow that's awesome. 
    A doula sure sounds helpful ❤️
  • Doula knowledge helped me with my last labour a lot... I ended up having painkiller but it was best I could do for me and baby at that point
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