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Had a dream about being pregnant about 2 weeks ago, then another dream last night about having +ve

Has anyone experienced this?

Im in my 2ww, with some symptoms. 

Back ache mainly that's quite consistent and feeling nauseated pretty much from when i wake up. Also, desiring 2 particular foods that i did with my first and not had since then which was 5 years ago now. 

From 2 previous children i get morning sickness pretty bad.

So i had a dream few weeks ago about being heavily pregnant. Then last night had another dream about doing a test and it coming back positive!!

Fingers crossed xx


  • How did you get on you got your bfp :) 🤞🤞 xxx
  • S_2S_2
    edited Dec 3, 2019 2:12PM
    Hi Ashley, 

    Ive not yet tested. Im due af on Friday. But on sunday afternoon, 5 days earlier than af, the day implantation is very possible i had a little bleed along with back ache and mild cramping. It hasn't/didn't get heavier. I put on a pad but nothing went on to the pad. At one point it was bright red and others it was light pink, but the first time i noticed, it had some brown mucus. All that has stopped now. I even went to the gym yesterday thinking my workout would bring on a period, but just had a little on pad and then nothing. I have never experienced this so i dont know what to expect. My actual af is due in 3 days. Im usually bang on with my period, never 5 days early. I dont know if its what some people experience as implantation?

    Also, my sister had a dream i was pregnant! She told me yesterday.

    What do you make of that lol
  • I would definitely get a to frer test :) only know 100% then love xxx 🤞 xxx 
  • Definitely. I have a clear blue 6 days early in the drawer lol.

    Ive had a bit more of a bleed, but then got very light again. I dont know if my body is just playing tricks on me. Today is day 3. Ive heard of some people who have an actual bleed then have a positive.

    But for some reason i dont have hope with it being a positive. Think af just got me early lol. 
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