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Anyone have a feeling they were having a boy but end up having a girl??

It’s my first pregnancy and I would be happy what ever the sex was but I feel like I have a feeling deep down it’s going to be a boy, anyone thought this and turned out to be a girl when finding out the sex? Not long until I can end of January :)


  • Everybody was convinced I was having a boy, my dreams kept having girls in them though, when the baby was born......GIRL!
  • Ahh so excited to find out!! :) xx
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    This is my 1st pregnancy and all along my gut instinct told me a boy. Had my gender reveal a few weeks back and it was a GIRL!! I was literally so shocked and absolutely over the moon. Shows gut instincts ain't always right, I was adament I was carrying a boyx
  • This is my 2nd pregnancy and this happened to me! I already have a boy, so I figured I definitely wouldn’t get my girl, but I did!
  • Love this group and hearing everyone’s experiences I’ll update yous end of January once I know x
  • Yep same happened to me too. Was utterly convinced I’d have another boy. Already have a boy who turns 2 in March. Even bought a vest that says “it’s a boy” bought blue confetti cannon ready for when I found out. But currently pregnant with a girl 😂 wouldn’t of minded either way of course x 
  • Oh maybe im wrong but I also keep getting people saying to me Youl defo have a boy, like how would they even know , my sister in law keeps calling it him and I’m only 9 weeks in like we don’t no yet lol xx
  • Sorry to jump on your post did you find out the sex yet? I'm 14 weeks and have a gut feeling it's a boy but every one is saying girl by the nub x
  • Yeh found out he’s a boy so my feeling was right x
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