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Help please :)

What can I expect for a 6 week pregnacy scan? Never had 1 as early only from 8 weeks :) xx


  • I have only had one at 8 weeks and it was just a tiny blob, so I’m not sure what will be visible at 6 weeks. Maybe just a tinier blob lol 
  • Hi ladies,
    I had a 6 week dating scan and mine was a blob with a heartbeat. I’m told this is not always the case though 🙂
  • Thank you never had 1 as early lol be nice to c a blob & heart beat so know everything going smoothly :) xxx 
  • You won’t get an accurate ‘date’ on a 6 week scan.. it’s just a blob of flickering heartbeat, your dating scan is 12 weeks, I had a 6 week scan n saw a flickering heart beat x
  • Hi I've booked private scan to make sure only 1 & make sure everything looks okay :) as been pregnate 10 times 5 babies &  5 miscarriages last 1 been at 12 weeks  & my 1st baby died at a week old of heart defect & my last baby she has her heart on wrong side but is fine & my other 3 kiddys are fine thank god :) so I just get a little para know wont c much but wasnt sure what to expect as only had a 8 week scan xx 
  • I hope everything’s all good for you hun, fingers crossed 🥰 I’m so sorry about your mc x
  • Thank you 💗 xxx 
  • Been for a scan saw my bean & a heart beat :) xx 
  • Awk that's wonderful I'm sure u are all pleased now. I went for a private scan yesterday and it was too early for me only could see pregnancy sac but it's in right place etc as I'm under 6 weeks she said that's perfectly normal fingers crossed xxx
  • Aww @Patty29 sure all be okay & your bean is cooking nicely they booked you in for another 1 :) xxx 
  • this was mine here @Ashleyanne too early see baby but said all is good and sac is were it needs to be can't stop worrying tho xxx
  • Aww 💗 @patty29 exsiting times :) cant wait to have more scans off to do pic college of tests then scans up 2 baby :) xxx 
  • Sure all will be okay for you good if can see sac :) xxx 
  • @Patty57 how are you getting on:) xxx 
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