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Hyperemesis Gravidarum

I'm 16 weeks and 2 days pregnant with twins and I'm still suffering from HG. This is my second pregnancy and I didn't have HG during my first pregnancy, I had a little morning sickness (I was nauseous my whole first trimester and I threw up a few times during my 9th week of pregnancy). This time I had really bad morning sickness, I'm nauseous all day every day, I throw up multiple times a day and somedays I can't keep anything down. I am on medication for my HG but it doesn't seem to be working. I have lost about 20 pounds so far. I am struggling to look after my 5 1/2 month old daughter (and my stepson when he comes to stay with us at the weekend) and work full time. I am a veterinary surgeon and I am struggling to do my job (especially performing surgeries). 
Is anyone else still suffering from HG in their second trimester?


  • Update 
    I’m feeling a lot better now, my HG stopped when I was 20 weeks. I’m now 22 weeks pregnant. 
  • I'm pleased to hear it's better! Can't imagine how hard that must be. I'm only 6 weeks and am dreading getting sick :/
  • @SmithL35
    yeah it was hard, the past couple of months have been so hard but now I’m glad it’s over and I can finally enjoy my pregnancy. 
    I hope you don’t get too sick because I wouldn’t wish what I went through on my worst enemy. 
  • When did it start for you?
  • @SmithL35
    It started when I was 5 weeks pregnant. 
  • It literally sounds like my nightmare, I hate being sick so much. Is that due to you having twins then?
  • I think it is due to having twins because with my daughter I hardly ever got sick, I threw up like 5 times my whole pregnancy. This time I threw up more than 5 times a day. 
  • I had morning sickness from 5 weeks up until 18 weeks and it was baddddd, but I’m 29 weeks now and it does come back now n then, this is my first pregnancy with a little girl 
  • @WelshGirrl
    I hope you get some relief soon and your morning sickness stays away. 
  • @Court1994 thanks beaut, but I think this sickness is normal I’m 3rd trimester.. it’s not very often anyway x
  • @WelshGirrl
    It probably is normal.
  • Unrelated to this thread but i am a bit panciky. I am currently 18 weeks (1st pregnancy) but still cant feel any movement??? Is this normal?? Plz help
    @WelshGirrl @Court1994
  • @SUM308 it could be that you have an anterior placenta, which just means you won’t feel Movements until later on, when you go for your 20 weeks scan they will tell you position of placenta, so try not to worry 🥰 x
  • @SUM308 I didn’t feel movement until 22/23 weeks. It’s perfectly normal. 
  • @Rachel.a21 @WelshGirrl thank You so much fot this. Also im 18 weeks 3 days. In the mornings my stomach is soft and flabby like but then in evenings its rock hard. I havent actually got a bump bump atm. Is that normal? Sorry for the million questions....
    Also my only current symptoms are tiredness and i have developed carpal tunnel and very achy upper thighs.
  • Yes it’s normal. Every woman’s pregnancy is different, and not everyone has a bump at 18 weeks.. you’ll show More towards the end more than likely,. But don’t worry or panic, it’s normal. I’m constantly tired and I’ve also developed carpal tunnel.. it’s horrible. I’ve got 7 weeks left tho x
  • Carpal tunnel is awful 😢 especially at night time. I dont like to take anything for it either as at the begining of my pregnancy i had to take steroids due to my asthma problems and antibiotics. So now i dont like to take anything at all... 

    I am a worry wart!! Roll on 3rd march for my 20week scan. 

    What to expect on 20 week scan? I hope all goes well for me

    @WelshGirrl and omg u only have 7 weeks to go!!woop woop. Good luck girl xxx
  • @SUM308 I know! My mum has just had an opp for carpal tunnel😩 worst pain ever she said, and as for your 20 week scan, that’ll be the scan where the baby gets measured, and the sonographer will notify you if There’s any problems, and she will tell you the position of your placenta also.. it’s an exciting but nervous scan! I loved mine altho my little girl was stubborn and didn’t wanna move 😂 so I had to have a rescan but everything was healthy. I hope everything does go good for you!🙏🏻 And I knowww!! 7 weeks and I already want her out, but need her to stay in a little longer 😂🙈 she’s already given me the run around, trying to make an appearance this early the little minx🙈 and thank you beaut xx
  • I've had morning sickness and nausea since about six weeks I'm now 17 weeks 4 days and still suffering bad with all day nausea odd occasion of being sick in the afternoon my friend got me anti sickness bands and they have helped defo worth a try !! 
  • Had my scan today!! 20 weeks 4 days...
    So far all ok... expecting a girl but sonographer said couldnt tell proper as baby had legs crossed. But got quick snap of bum lol and said looks like girl.
    Could they get it wrong?? Im happy with either but would like to know 100% x
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