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step one pregnancy test false positive?

tinkerbell9208tinkerbell9208 Regular
edited Dec 29, 2019 12:47PM in Pregnancy
Hey everyone, I read a lot of bad reviews about the cheap Step One pregnancy tests (10 mIu/ml). I ordered a 50x package in Germany and took a test on the 27th of December. I was not sure, if I saw a second line or not, so on the 28th I made a ClearBlue Digital (supposed to be 10 mIu/ml) which told me I'm not pregnant. This morning I made another Step One and got a very faint line. My husband saw it too. I try to post pictures. the first pic is from 2 days ago, the second one is from today. I have super irregular periods, so I dont know which DPO I am. What do you think? Thank you so much for your a answers in advance.



  • WelshGirrlWelshGirrl Regular
    edited Dec 29, 2019 1:00PM
    I had my positives on these tests! And mine were also faint like yours.. give it a few days and then retest, the clear blue digital are actually 25ml or higher so that’s why it hasn’t picked up your pregnancy yet, because it’s early stages.. fingers crossed x
  • thank you so much for your fast response! I will go ahead testing the next days and hope for the bests :)
  • If possible try with first response tests also, they’re pretty reliable 🥰 fingers crossed for you 
  • sadly we don't have First Response in Germany, otherwise I would have tried it already because I heard a lot of good things about it on the American forums 😊 we have mostly ClearBlue and some German brands but they are all so expensive 😳
  • Well.. in that case stick to red dye tests ! The Clear blue aren’t really reliable as they’re blue dyes x
  • I’d try with a first response, the one step ones stay very faint. Iv got a positive on a fr and a Clearblue digital today and this was my one step today, mega faint compared x

  • Claire you just gave me huge hope with your picture!! sadly we don't have First Response in Germany but I will try some different brands! Thank you so much for your answer! 
  • No problem! I also took a Clearblue early detection one aswell and that came up with a clear line, maybe try them :) x
  • I'll go to the shop tomorrow and buy myself a bunch of tests 😳 I didn't think I ever say that but I would be the happiest person ever if I wasn't allowed to drink at the New Year's Eve party 😁
  • I feel the same! An excuse to me a taxi for people now lol x
  • I wish you all the bests and a healthy pregnancy 😊
  • Thank you ❤️ Keep us updated on you! X
  • some update.. I made a test from another brand today (Sunlife - it's a 3,40€ test in Germany), not from FMU though.. I have sore breasts and headaches for a week now but AF is a no show. I convinced myself that I see something on the test, what do you think?
  • Hard to see as the pink dye is still running, think I can see a shadow. How late are you? I’d try another test x
  • I'm not late yet, to be honest, my period should come today or tomorrow actually. I know, I should wait another week and test again, but it's so hard..
  • I’d just wait a day or 2, that will make a difference :) the dye on them type of tests can vary so much. So you could do another and see clearer x
  • well looks like I don't have to wait anymore.. I just noticed some spotting. I'll see the next days if it becomes my period. I am not so sad this time though because a new cycle means we start with ICSI at the fertility clinic, so we can have a real chance to get pregnant. We've been there last months and after some examinations they told us let's wait the next period and than we can start. But I was still hoping I could get pregnant the natural way before.
  • How bad is the spotting? Could be implantation if af doesn’t come in full force. Fingers crossed for you it doesn’t xx
  • it was just two drops so far, I can't decide if it's AF or implantation. I guess I have to wait a few days :) did you have bleeding before your bfp? what was your first sign?
  • Yeh I did.. had some brown once at about 7dpo, then had some pinky brown spotting a couple days after I got my bfp xx
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