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I'm pregnant with my first...

Should u force myself to eat if I'm sick all the time...super scared since I haven't had my first appt yet


  • I would try to eat some carbs like crackers or even starchy food like baked potatoes and see if you are able to keep it down 
  • Even if I can't keep it down should I still be eating so my baby gets nutrients . cold should my showers be?
  • You shouldnt be worried about your shower. Just shower as normal. And you can also have bath but not extremely hot. I have hyperemesis gravidarum and I know how difficult it is to keep food and drink down. Just try your best . Eat, if it comes back out at least something must have stayed in. Not eating at all isnt good because you will start losing weight. Though, now is week 13 for me and I'm a bit better still suffering with sickness and food intake but my baby is perfectly fine and its growing.
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