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Boy or girl

Hello Moms

I have 3 boy’s can’t wait to have girl im on week 13 day 5 i did 2 ultrasounds last 3 days trying to know the gender 

1st doc said its 60% baby girl but she don’t want to confirm anything and the second doctor whom took the photo im posting said its a girl but im not sure.

i won’t take ur judge as %100 proof but wanna see what’s Other moms here can see .


  • What is the arrow pointing at? Sorry, can’t exactly make out which angle is in the pic 🙂
  • Yeah sorry I should've explain its a side pic the head is not shown on the left side of the ultrasound screenshot  then the spine then arrow on its might be a girl then u can see the legs there, here in Singapore they are very sensitive to tell if it's boy or girl they like the blood test etc.. or after week20, but with wll my 3 boys i knew the gender @ week 13 and usually is shown very clearly  😅

  • JUST FOR FUN. IF ANYONE WANTS TO GUESS. I HAVE NO IDEA!!!! my first successful pregnancy hopefully. 12 weeks 4 days.
  • I dont even know what to look at to guess. 😂
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