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Faint positiveon morrisons pregnancy test but clearblue digital negative ? Makes me confused now 😑

Hi ladies 
I did not know where to look for answers therefore thought would post here . I did two morrisons normal pregnancy test one this morning and one two days ago and got a faded line ( have attached the pic below ) with today's one darker than previous one  . They both appeared 2 minutes after the test was done and remained there and did not vanish .  However I did the clearblue digital in the evening today  and it says "not pregnant" . My periods were due 3 days ago however I am feeling nausea , slightly sore breasts and back pain symptoms since last few days which is making me more confused if I am pregnant or not. 
Can you guys also see a faint line on the pics below and can clearblue digital show false negative if it has been 4 weeks post last periods ????..this is making me quite stressed !!!


  • Hi I can definitely see a faint second line, do you have more tests to continue taking them with first morning urine to see if the line improves over a few days just incase it's a horrible evap line. Also a lot of ladies recommend buying first response early results tests when testing early as they're the most sensitive. If you got a faint line on these and if you are pregnant - on a first response you would get a nice clear line! 
    Clear blue digital wont be as sensitive as these tests they need higher levels of hcg hormoan I see it all the time on this forum. Most ladies dont get their 'pregnant' come up until after they've gotten a stronger positive on the normal tests 🙂
    Good luck 🤞 keep me posted!! 
  • Hi lovely Can I ask did you end up being pregnant? I have the same issue I’m going mad xx
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